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All Aspects about Cake Decoration

3/31/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Cake decoration goes back to European origin in the 17th century. But as an art, it gained speed in the mid, 1800’s. The development of temperature controlled oven encouraged cake making and its decoration.

Decorated cakes gained prominence in important celebrations and banquets. This is a tradition that is prevalent even today. Decorating cakes have become a specialized art with the development of numerous tools and techniques. Cake delivery of well designed cakes has become a lucrative business.

The availability of online and print versions of cake decorating techniques has led to the surge in the industry. The art is no longer being limited to professional bakers but is now available as DIY projects for amateurs.

Planning a Cake:
The complete task of planning and dressing up a cake depends on the occasion- whether it is a large formal wedding or a small informal get together. How you plan to design your cake will depend on the number of guests and overall theme of the event.

Planning involves choosing the cake and filling to set it for baking and decorating. You must decide on the flavour and shape of cake. Using geometric cake pans like circles and squares are ideal for not only single layered cakes but also stacked cakes. 

Covering a Cake:
After baking the cake, first step in decoration is to determine how it will be covered.  Buttercream icing is the classic choice. It can be used as fillings for layers or to completely cover the cake. The first coat called the Crumb coat is spread on the sides and top of cake. Butter cream icing can also be used for a second coat by using a spatula for a smooth finish.

The icing can be used for making special decorations like petals by using pastry bags with around tip and filled with icing for piping. Another icing is Ganache made of cream and chocolate. It can be made into a glaze to pour over the cake, covering the tops and dripping down the sides for a delectable finish.

For a fine finish, rolled fondant made of sugar, water and corn syrup can be used and smoothed over the cake with a fondant rolling pin. Excess is removed using a rolling pastry cutter.

Cake Decoration:
Possibilities of decorating cakes are innumerable regardless of your skill level. One way is adding Sprinkles, which enhance the look of the cake, using jimmies or non-pareils (tiny sugary balls). Designs are mostly created by piping, which can be done using, Royal icing, Butter cream icing and chocolate icing. Royal icing has the tendency to set very hard and so, must be used for piping decorations typically on fondant covered cakes.

Piping can be done using couplers and pastry bags. It can be done by gently squeezing the tool to get optimum icing you desire for decoration. Shapes include flowers, grass shape, basket weave shape, etc. One can also transfer patterns to a cake using stencils. Cakes can be garnished also using edible flowers and fruits.  Sculpted and shaped decorations are very popular for grand cakes. Figures can be in shape of animals and persons.

Gum paste and fondant tools are important for adding depth, details and features. Embossing mats are good for transferring pattern on to fondant. Metal and plastic cutters can be used for final touch. If you are struggling with cake icing, and have no time, it is better to do online cake ordering. There are innumerable cakes with beautiful and amazing designs, available at the click of a button.