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All you Need to Know about Steroids

3/02/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Steroid is not a new name for body builders. The power of steroids has been experienced by a large number of body builders and is even continuing to increase day by day. However, there are some body builders who are new to the steroid world and struggle with it. To begin with, in simple terms, steroids are artificial hormones that aid body builders to improve their muscle strength.

Apart from building muscle mass, it also helps people in many ways. Some of them are preventing from kidney inflammation, arthritis etc... Though steroids are powerful, it must be used with caution. These steroids come in various forms like tablets, injections and even creams.

Positives of Steroids

Steroids are known for bringing a winning edge over any body building competition. It does its job pretty well by either losing the muscle mass or gaining it. When some steroids help a body builder to improve their muscle mass, other steroids help in losing them. Due to the presence of powerful organic compounds present in it, it also helps in increasing the strength of the body which gives better resistant power.

Many claim that steroids do a great job in improving the visual appearance. As a beginner’s guide to steroids, one must be careful in the amount of dosage you intake. Over dosage may lead to harmful side effects whereas a minimum dosage gives no significant result.

Tips for Effective Body Building

Body building is not an easy task. One should maintain proper health and some fundamental requirements for body building. Apart from injecting artificially stimulated hormones, there are other natural things that one can focus on. These activities help body builders to increase weight progressively in a natural manner.

The basic thing a body builder must focus on is his diet. Not all healthy foods prove the best for body builders. There are some specific eatables like eggs, brown rice, carrots and apples which help in promoting the body weight in a healthy manner. Also, since body builders are prone to stress, they must focus on exercises like deep breathing which helps in relieving the stress to a greater extent.

A positive mental health is as important as that of physical health. In pursuit of becoming a professional body builder, you should also keep in mind that sleep is an important factor that helps a body builder to improve mental health. Sleep is crucial for protein synthesis and peaceful mind.

Side Effects of Steroids

Steroids also possess some harmful side effects like increased level of appetite, acne and frequent mood swings. Other side effects include balding, joint pain, liver damage and urinary trouble. Hence, it is better to take a less amount of dosage during initial stage and after getting accustomed, the dosage level can be increased. Also, one should note that these should not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Thus, before using steroids, one must follow the beginner’s guide to steroids in order to experience the best results without any side effects.