Custom Made Bridal Shoes: Are They Worth It?

3/03/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Custom made bridal shoes are typically designed according to a bride’s choice for her wedding. In fact, if you have a clear idea of the type of shoes you want for your big occasion, then the custom-made option will allow you to exert your full degree of choice and appear as stunning as you desire in shoes that make you confident and relaxed.

But are custom made bridal shoes worth it? Certainly yes! Custom made bridal shoes are worth every penny spent on them. With tailor-made shoes, you will not only be getting a dream pair to match with your exquisite gown, but you will also have wedding shoes that speak for and about you. Equally, you will be investing in shoes that fit you perfectly and that will allow you to walk down the aisle with absolute comfort, stand at ease for photographs, dance with freedom every time you want, and walk around all day without pain.

Here are top 5 reasons why custom made bridal shoes are worth it.

(a) Crafting a special pair of shoes for a memorable wedding
As an option, custom made shoes from Singapore allow you to have shoes that will make you feel amazing. Regardless of the length you choose for your wedding dress, a special pair of shoes that is tailor-made to your personality and taste will allow you to express yourself as a true princess.

Bridal shoes do not have to be boring, and customization allows you to combine a classic style with fashionable detailing in order to create shoes that you will love for many years. Customization will also make it easy for you to have shoes that match your dress and have all the other additional elements you need to make a statement during your wedding.

(b) Have shoes that fit with all aspects of your wedding
Bridal shoes can appear awkward when in conflict with certain aspects of your wedding, such as theme, venue requirements and weather. But with customization, you can easily acquire bridal shoes that match perfectly with your wedding theme. For instance, if you are planning for a country garden wedding which will involve spending plenty of time outdoors, then you can have wedges or flats personalized according to your wedding plan, or even have your heels supplied with heel protectors.

Equally, if your wedding is scheduled in a venue where stiletto heels are banned to protect wooden floors, you can have a cobbler customize an appropriate pair of shoes for the venue. Similarly, you can pay for custom made bridal shoes that suit wet weather conditions or even have your shoes perfectly matched with your wedding gown.

(c) Crafting durable shoes from genuine leather
While your wedding will just take a single day, your bridal shoes should be able to last long enough to keep the memory of your wedding alive and even to serve you during future anniversaries. By customizing your shoes, you have the freedom to choose the type of material, style and colors used and are more likely to get a long-lasting pair than if you opt for readymade shoes.

In fact, custom made bridals shoes from Singapore are usually designed to last for certain years, often 5-10 years, no matter how frequent they are worn or how rugged the terrain is. Besides, while readymade shoes may be made of leather, the custom option allows you to inspect the leather being used for your bridal shoes and to ensure it is genuine and high-quality.

(d) Getting unique, versatile and waterproof bridal shoes
If you do not want to turn up for your wedding and find one of your guests wearing the exact same type of shoes you are wearing for your special occasion, then custom made bridal shoes from Singapore are ideal for you. Customization ensures that your shoes are crafted according to a specific criteria, design and style that are only unique to you.

Likewise, custom made shoes can be engineered to serve many purposes, allowing you to wear them for dinner, for work and for special events. The shoes are also made from top-quality waterproof materials, eliminating all worries of water getting into the shoes during heavy rain or even diminished performance following exposure to water.

(e) Achieving absolute comfort
Custom made bridal shoes are designed to pamper your feet and make you feel as comfortable as possible. Constructed according to your exact foot measurements and specification, the shows will not just fit perfectly but will also be supplied with extra padding and other essentials to make them as comfortable as possible.

In conclusion, if you are wondering whether custom made bridal shoes are worth it, now you know that they will make your feet sing and your special day splendid.