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Hot Dogs – Not All Are The Same!

3/26/2016 John Evans 0 Comments

The Hot dog has been a staple part of the convenience food market for nearly one hundred and fifty years.  The first Hotdog stand is thought to have been created on Coney Island in 1871.  Of course, this hot dog was likely to be based on the European Dachshund and not the Frankfurter which is believed to have been created in the seventeenth century.  One fact that does seem to be agreed on is that the term hot dog was coined at the end of the nineteenth century and has stuck ever since.

The original hot dogs were created to offer a simple and easy snack for anyone; particularly if they were on the move.  A hot dog in a simple roll with a drizzle of tomato sauce took minutes to make and minutes to consume.  They proved to be a very popular snack and have been created ever since.
Modern Hot dogs
There are now an abundance of different hotdogs available; in fact, reputable suppliers, such as actually list the ingredients to their hotdogs on their website to ensure a potential customer knows what they are buying before they place their order.
Not only are different types of sausages now used to create these delicious treats, there are also a variety of sauces and extras which can be added to provide a snack which will appeal to anyone; no matter what their food preferences.
Some recipe examples are:

  • ·         Traditional.
This is the grilled sausage in a bun and involves cutting a criss-cross pattern into the top of the sausage before grilling it.  This ensures the sausage is straight.  Then, once cooked, serve it in a bun with your choice of condiment.

  • ·         Chili Dog
In this example the classic hotdog is cooked and placed into a bun with a liberal dose of beef chili across the top of the sausage.  Sprinkle a little cheese to add to the flavor.

  • ·         Haute Hogs
The traditional hotdog is wrapped in pastry instead of a bread bun.  The pastry and sausage are cooked together to create a sausage roll style hot dog.

  • ·         Hot Dip
Your plain hot dog can be spiced up by having a mustard dip or a jalapeno and cheese dip.  You can choose any kind of dip to add an extra kick or a simple flavor to your hot dog.
In fact there is a different recommended topping for a hotdog in every city and country throughout the world.  Seattle loves a bratwurst with jalapenos, cream cheese, cabbage and sriracha.  Japan, on the other hand, likes to cut the hot dog to make it look like an octopus and then fry it!
You can buy hotdogs directly from the manufacturer, such as Soloways Hot Dog Factory, or you can purchase it from your local supermarket or butcher.  The important thing to remember when choosing your preferred supplier is that not all hot dogs are the same; you may need to sample several different varieties before settling on your preferred one.  Your final decision must be a personal one, as nearly every individual has their own preference!