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How to Add Feeling to a Room

3/07/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

While taking apartments for rent in Hyderabad or other cities you must have dream of your own house. My days of pg in Hyderabad has made me plan to build my own house and decorate it. While decorating your room, you definitely want to add some variation so that it stands unique. In my bedroom, I’ve mounted a large photo of mine, behind my bed as I’m a very ‘me’ person.

To add feeling to your room, you can follow the following tips-

Personalize Your Room-Your room should talk your tale to the viewers. You should decorate your room so that it enhances your personality. Use colors, decorations, accessories, etc. to make your room describe your personality.

What Do You Want-This is one of the most important things to add feel to your room. Do you want to maximize your room or you like minimum? You can decorate your room with soft toys, photo frames, trinkets etc. or hanging a tribal wall hanging can be enough.

Choose Colors-Sit with your family and decide the color of your rooms. You can’t pick any color as it has to match with the interior decor and your personality.

To help you, here are some colors which tell differently-
  • Are you a jovial person? Then choose shades of red, orange, yellow, pink, etc. to add vibrancy and brightness to your room.
  • If you’re a calm person, you need a room which soothes you after a tiring day. The shades of blue and green will be the perfect choice for you. Green also gives positive energy to start an energetic day.
  • You can also try combination of colors. I’ve painted one wall crimson red and kept the other three white. It makes me awesome to spend my holidays in my bedroom. You can do that or use two contrasting colors for facing walls.
Add Texture-If you find only coloring your room is typical and want to add some more feelings; you can have textures on the walls. You can search over internet and magazines to find beautiful textures. The brick designed pillars make your living room look vintage.

Concentrate on Upholstery-To make your room cozy and comfortable, you have to concentrate on upholstery like rugs, carpets, mats or any kind of fabric in your room. Bring a dramatic change by-
  • Buying cozy pillow covers, carpets, cushions, smooth curtains, etc.
  • Choosing fabrics like linens, cotton, jute, satin, velvet, etc. for smooth touch.
  • Picking vibrant colored or smooth-textured curtains.
  • Choosing soft feathery touch cushion and furniture covers.
Light Arrangement-To make your room look comfortable and cozy, proper lighting arrangement plays crucial part.
  • Choose such lights those gifts different effects
  • Choose lamps those are very colorful. A boring room can be vibrant instantly with such a lamp shade.
  • You can buy fairy lights and rent best real estate in Gurgaon in your child’s room to give it a festive feeling.