Is It Possible To Wear A Crop Top As A Part Of Wedding Gown?

3/30/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Crop tops are the latest fashion sensation these days. It is a versatile garment which can be paired with many types of bottom wear to create different attractive looks. However, it is an accepted fact that the crop top is a garment to be worn casually or as beach wear or active wear. It cannot be part of a formal outfit for a formal event like a wedding. Wearing crop tops to someone’s wedding was considered as very rude.

However, it seems that women cannot part with their crop tops and, therefore, they are finding different ways to incorporate the crop tops for women in many other outfits which can be worn at formal events. Many women are also thinking of the ways they can wear the crop tops on their wedding day.

Yes, you read it right! This idea of wearing a crop top on the wedding day has been taken very seriously by many famous designers and there have been many designs of wedding gowns which are actually a skirt and a crop top. Although these crop tops are different that the various types of crop top available in the market. They are very elegant and graceful, made of fine lace, but technically they are crop tops!

Many designers are working on the idea of a wedding gown with a crop top. Many modern women prefer these new types of wedding gowns to the traditional wedding gowns with trains and veils. These wedding gowns designs are simple yet elegant where the bride can be dressed in a skirt which may be voluminous or fitting paired up with a lacy crop top which is beautifully designed.Crop tops for women have been beautifully incorporated into these new designs.

The advantages of the modern crop top wedding gowns-
  • These modern wedding gowns with crop tops are easy to wear and handle during the ceremony.
  • These wedding gowns are actually made of two different garments i.e. a crop top and a skirt. This way the brides can wear these gowns gain paired with something else. This is important as the wedding gowns are really costly and if they can be worn again, then it is abettor use of that money.
  • These new wedding gowns offer a modern and glamorous option to the traditional wedding gowns without losing the romantic and beautiful look of the bride.
  • As these crop top wedding gowns are simple and elegant, they are more affordable compared with the cost of the traditional wedding gowns.
  • These crop top wedding gowns offer a bold and beautiful look to the modern women who don’t want to portray themselves as blushing brides.
The idea of wearing the crop tops for women at the weddings has really taken a hold in the fashion industry. Many designers are designing these kinds of gowns and many brides are opting for them instead of the traditional wedding gowns. There are people who have objections to this new trend due to the skin exposure in these gowns.

According to them, it is not good that a bride is exposing herself at her wedding. However wearing a crop top need not expose the midriff of the bride. The bride can wear a sheer slip underneath the crop top so that no skin is exposed or they can opt for a white slip dress and wear an embellished white crop top over it.

These wedding gowns are glamorous and bold without being vulgar. We can say that they have given a modern twist to a beautiful classic tale. The brides will feel relaxed and beautiful in these crop top wedding gowns, as these gowns create stunning impressions in minimum effort. They are perfect for the sleek and edgy brides of today.

If you are not comfortable wearing these wedding gowns for the actual church ceremony, then you can opt for a traditional wedding gown for it. You can wear this bold wedding gown for the reception after the ceremony.