James Mitchell helping people in getting significant personal injury compensation

3/18/2016 John Evans 0 Comments

Personal injury and wrongful deaths are some most debilitating condition for the victims as these conditions leave them in shock and trauma. What make the situation more troublesome are financial problems for the people who are victim of personal injury or wrongful death. However, in law system, people have option to get significant compensation for the injuries and losses occurred to the people due to the negligence act of others. However, the first thing that people need to focus on is hiring the expert professionals having years of experience in dealing personal injury cases.

James Mitchell , a well-renowned personal injury attorney, always puts his duty first because helping victims get justice is what matters a lot in case of personal injury. Personal injury could be damaged to mind, body and emotions by the negligence act of other party. Thus, the victim in this case is entitled to make claim for the compensations. He is a founding partner of Payne Mitchell Law Group founded in 2007. However, before starting his law firm, he was a partner in several top-notch law firms, and realized that he has to help claimants who are victims of negligence of others. In 1991, he started his career as a personal injury attorney helping people to get significant compensation from the other party involved in personal injury or wrongful death.

He is filled with empathy:

Most of the people consider an attorney as a professional who do not care about your personal life rather focuses on the facts and legal proceedings to ensure that you win legal case. However, in case of James Mitchell, he is quite different from others because he passionately chooses this profession just because of helping others. Therefore, empathy is the first quality that he exhibits. An attorney with empathy for his clients is the best attorney. Clients always look for and prefer that attorney who does not only help them in legal proceedings and lawsuit rather always understands their personal life sufferings. He does not only help clients to combat legal proceedings rather help clients to face challenges of life that come up with life altering events.

A promising background and extensive expertise:

Expertise and caliber are something that defines a successful attorney. James Mitchell expertise area includes general negligence, medical malpractice, product liability, nursing home negligence and others. During his tenure of 25+ years, he has handled multiple cases of catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases. One of the biggest achievements in his accolades is helping clients to win 38 million dollar verdict against General Motors for defective airbag case. It is first of its kind of case in the country. Thus, it shows how diligently and effectively he is helping people and ensuring them that they will be compensated for sure. Indeed, some personal injuries could be life-changing hence the compensation should be made accordingly. He is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law attorney. Moreover, he is also licensed in Arkansas and Oklahoma.