Know about the Reasons and Ways to Protect Birds

3/01/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

Currently, there are hundreds of birds and animals that are dying a faster death and even their entire specie is coming to an end soon. It has been seen that every time a tree is cut, a bird or its nestlings are stranded and left homeless. Isn’t it such a tragic thing to happen to these birds, who lead a life without harming anyone ever? But then this is the price these innocent birds are paying for the modernization and advancement that humanity is making. But humans have invaded each and every space of these birds and animals. Forests are being razed and have been razed down since time immemorial to make way for cities and industries. Ponds and lakes are being filled up to make lands, thereby starving the birds who fish to eat the fishes and aquatic life. 

The situation is so bad that everywhere in the world, the environmentalists have noted that the rise in the number of cities has been directly proportional to the increase in deaths of birds. It is time that everyone does something to protect birds. Yes, birds are one of the primary pillars of the environment and are as much a part of the world as much are humans. But the efforts given to protect them are less. 

Protecting the birds at all times:

While in the past, it was just a case of random accidents or the loss of species of birds here and there in the world. But then, with the loss of habitat, nesting grounds, fishing areas, and even getting hit occasionally by wind turbines and glass windows, the numbers started rising rapidly.

Committees were set up urgently and environmentalists have woken up to check the dwindling numbers of birds. Birds like Marvelous Spatuletail, Akikiki, Golden tailed warbler, Cerulean Warbler, Golden Eagle, have become rare thanks to the careless deforestation and converting parks and other natural forest lands to make lands for grazing. The birds have nowhere to go. Birds like albatross that have to depend on fish or aquatic feed have to die a slow death. While many might say that in no way the world will end if a few types of birds are killed, it is essential that everyone does a reality check. 

Ways to save the birds: 

To protect birds , their habitats should be restored and faster too. Practically, this is feasible and possible too and there are various success stories that could be recounted on being able to revive the number of several such birds. 

Marvelous Spatuletail is a bird that is found in the Hawaiian Islands and thankfully due to local Huembo reserve’s efforts, the change for the better is visible. You shall be able to see that organizations like American Bird Conservancy have been actively contributing to the nature and preservation of wildlife by planting over 3.5 million shrubs and trees, in a period of twenty years. Such efforts along with creating awareness of this serious issue locally are some of the ways everyone can protect birds worldwide.