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Lose Weight, Build Strength and Get Fitter through these Rowing Workouts

3/28/2016 John Evans 0 Comments

Rowing is a form of exercise which requires an excellent balance of both upper and lower body strength along with a lot of endurance. If you just want to lose weight, get fit or even if you need to build your strength, then you must definitely try your hand at doing this exercise with the help of the rowing machine. There are various types of workouts which you can try with the rowing machine home gym. These workouts will help you to get the results you desire. Whether you do it to lose weight or to get fit and strong, following a specific set of workouts can help you a lot. Hence we have made up a list for you of the workouts which you need to follow. So check out the below mentioned workouts and make yourself lean, fit and strong.

Workout #1: 1,000-Meter Meltdown
To row long and fast, you not only require extreme stamina, but besides that you will also need perfect rhythm as well as form. If you don’t do it the perfect way, then you are sure to lose precious energy with each and every stroke. This is where this workout comes to help as it ensures that the same distance i.e. 1,000 meters is maintainedwhile the SPM increases and decreases with each set.

To do this work out, you should warm up for around 5 to 10 minutes. After that, you should set the level of the rowing machine to medium and then begin your workout. You need to do 3 sets of 1,000-meter rows and try to maintain 28 SPM during the first set. In the second set, you should aim for 24 SPM whereas in the third set, 26 SPM is what you should be looking forward to. You should keep a recovery time of 4 minutes’ between every set.

Workout #2: Playlist Punisher
This is a great workout which when done over and over again, ensures that you will burn a lot of a fat besides being able to tone whole of your body. You can play songs while doing this exercise and then perform the Warm up with the rhythm of the song. You can begin your workout with the songs and as the chorus hits, you can start rowing hard. Make sure that each sprint gets closer to 30 SPM and try to maintain the same intensity until the end of the chorus. You can cool down at the end of the chorus and relax yourself for the next workout.

Workout #3: 2K Crusher
Before you begin with this workout, you should tackle the shorter intervals of 500 meters for a total of 3 kilometers and hence make the distance less daunting and challenging. Doing this will prepare your body and mind for long distances without causing burnout. To begin the workout after warming up, you should set the flywheel between 3 to 5. Then row 500 meters as hard as you can. Then rest for 2 minutes.

On the next interval, row 500 meters, and then rest for a minute and 45 seconds. Do four more 500-meter rows after that and decrease the rest time by 15 seconds after each and every interval. Despite the rest being decreased, you should maintain your goal which is to keep the 500-meter splits the same in every set.

Workout #4: Olympic Challenge
This is a great and exciting workout and every other rowing workout will seem like a cakewalk to you after doing this which is because it’s created for Olympic athletes. This exercise is a great way to analyse if you are in top shape or if you require a little more conditioning.

To begin this workout, you need to perform a 10-minute warm-up. This warm-up should include one or two-minute sprints in order to prepare your body for the workout. You can rest for 3 to 4 minutes after that. After that, you can begin this descending ladder workout. But you should ensure that you leave some fuel in your tank so to say because the final interval is very long and tough and you need to be well prepared for it.

Final Say
Following this rowing workout, you can not only regain fitness, but besides that, you can lose a lot of weight and make yourself lean and smart. You can also gain a lot of strength and use it to improve your overall fitness as well. So be disciplined and follow this workout strictly to ensure that you reach your desired goals.