Myanmar: The Perfect Hideout for Adventure-Seekers

3/11/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

With the decision of rejoicing the community of countries, Myanmar has emerged as a daredevil to the wider picture, which is certainly good news for the sports enthusiasts. The dramatic landscape of this alluring nation offers a myriad of exciting avenues to the athletes, which have been quite off limits till date. Being the perfect adventurous destination, this country provides tourists with plenty of opportunities to test their determination that deals with physical exertion and danger to a certain extent.  

Irrespective of the travelers with a craze for mountaineering to the water sports lovers, this nation never disappoints anyone with its wide array of thrilling opportunities to explore. Thus, the ideal choice is to dive into the adventurous world of this country with a reliable Myanmar Travel Agent. Following here are certain adventurous sports to try while visiting Myanmar. 


It is mainly a sport to dive into the Northern region of the country, where the Himalayas outline the border regions of China, Myanmar and India. One can prick the sky, which is near about at an altitude of 20000 feet from the range of Hkakabo Razi, which happens to Southeast Asia’s highest peak.  However, the rugged mountainside makes it suitable for the mountain climbers as well. 

Diving Underneath the Burma Banks

The experience is certainly not similar to a placid day getting under the waters of a deserted beach. The Burma banks are an epitome of sea mounts, especially the canyon walls present under the surface of ocean. Diving through the sea mounts happens to be quite precarious because of various surprising and strong currents. Moreover, the adrenaline rush, which comes from getting swept through underwater by the various unseen currents, divers need to face the risks of mingling with sharks. A number of members comprising the Shark family including the nurse, silver tip, bull, gray beef and hammerhead, used to glide regularly along the sea mounts for food. 


Fishing for big fishes is an emerging sport in the nation, because of the presence of gill-breathing and over-sized finned vertebrates. Mekong Giant Catfish happens to be the world’s biggest freshwater fish. While swimming across the Mekong River, the fish used to pass through Myanmar, which can grow up to a length of 11 feet and weighs around 700 pounds. In the offshore, the sports fishermen with the urge of battling with the finned challengers need to ride out to the Burma Banks nestled into the Andaman Sea. 


Every year, a huge mob of global surfers used to come at Myanmar for taking part in one of the most captivating sports of the nation. Some are keen to try out traditional surfing in the coastal areas including the Ngwe Saung, whereas, some others are eager to kite-surf to the white glittery Ngapali beach. 

Myanmar is one of the undiscovered places, which truly offers a myriad of platforms for the sports enthusiasts to quench their thirst for adventure. Thus, people with an urge of exploring the thrilling secrets of this fascinating nation, consult a tour operator for planning a tailored Myanmar Travel Tour.