The Cleaner the Office the Higher the Pride

3/21/2016 John Evans 0 Comments

Many business owners think that cleaning the office themselves, or having an employee clean it, will provide them with the same quality results as hiring a commercial cleaner.  However, this is really not true.  Cleaning companies can offer strategic cleaning plans that keep the business organized and clean.  What does a commercial cleaner do?  Why is it better to hire a professional than doing it yourself or having your employees do it for you?

            Transactions, discussions, and critical thinking all takes place in the office.  When the office is clean, you and your employees can focus on everyday productive tasks.  Every business owners want to impress clients, keep the property value up, and have their employees working on productive tasks rather than worrying about cleaning up.  Typically, workers are responsible for keeping their desk areas organized, but they typically do not have the time to take out the trash, clean the break room fridge, or ensure everything is sanitized.

            There are numerous spaces in the office or commercial building that should be clean.  The storefront should always be spotless so that it is inviting to customers and clients when they walk through the front door.  Commercial cleaners vacuum, mop, wax, dust, and sanitize everything in the office.  Keeping this space clean allows your company to show how much you care about appearance, and can even say that you care for your clients because you want them to feel at home.  

            Your personal workspace should also stay clean.  Commercial cleaners take out the trash, clean your floors, clean and sanitize the break room, and any other cleaning you need listed in their provided services to ensure your office is as clean as possible. Most companies also bring their own supplies, materials, equipment, and chemicals when they clean.  How much cleaning supplies does your business have?  How much are you willing to spend on supplies?  How much effort will your employees put into cleaning?  Any specific requirements you may have, such as certain chemicals can’t be used or certain services you need provided, should be discussed with your cleaning company to see if they can meet your need.  How much work is done by a commercial cleaner is solely dependent on what is specified in the contract and how much you want to spend.  

            There are many benefits associated with the numerous tasks a professional cleaning company carries out in order to ensure your work environment remains clean and sanitary.  First of all, your business will be cleaned by professionals.  When you go to work every day, the workplace will be clean.  When companies have their own employees clean, they usually discover the cleaning doesn’t look the same as when professionals do it.  An employee who has worked all day is not going to be able to effectively clean after.  Professionals provide outstanding results every single time they clean your business.  They also typically use commercial products unavailable to other consumer, which makes duplicating results difficult.

            Hiring professional cleaners allows you to focus on the business and know the business will be cleaned professionally and in a timely manner.  You won’t have to stress about scheduling the cleaning around the employees, you can just have everyone focus on work and have someone else worry about the cleaning.  There are studies that also show a correlation between a clean work environment and productivity.  It also ensure employees work more efficiently than they would if the space was unkempt.  Allergens in the air are reduced in clean spaces as well, making lowers the risk of workers becoming sick during cold and flu season because most professional cleaning crews use antibacterial cleaning products. 
            The clients will also be impressed when the environment is clean.   When you have someone waiting for you in your office as you drive to work, you can relax and know that the professionally cleaned office will impress the clients.  Even if they don’t realize the office is clean, they would notice if it was not clean which could hurt the business.  A clean workplace tells clients and customers that you care about details, whether they are large or small.

            Did you know that hiring a professional cleaning service can also result in tax benefits for your business?  Every dollar that is spent by you or your business to keep the work environment clean can be deducted from your taxes.  Translation, please?  This means you can pay less in taxes and at the same time enjoy a clean office and the increased productivity and efficiently in work conducted by both you and your employees.