Top 5 reasons why Engineering Career Manages to Attract Students

3/28/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

After passing out 12th standard, a huge number of students every year start preparing for top engineering entrance exams like JEE. Some of the students with guidance of their parents and teachers even start their preparation in lower classes side by side. In 2015 around 13.03 lakh students appeared for JEE Mains all over India to get admission into world class engineering colleges. This is just the number of students appeared for JEE Main, but there has been same attraction towards JEE advanced examination as well among students to peruse higher studies in Engineering.

The schedule for JEE main 2016 has already been announced and this year too, almost same number of students is expected to appear. So the question arises why engineering stream is continuously attracting students over the years. Here are top 5 reasons that are attracting more students towards engineering.

Prestigious Career
Being the largest and toughest engineering exam, JEE is the most prestigious engineering exam that one can crack and get admission into top colleges like IIT and NIT. Over the years IITs are known to produce various pioneers in the field of engineering and which makes JEE Main exam the choice of huge number of science students. If one gets admission into an IIT, he/she has been seen as most intelligent and a kind of legendary person in our society as well due to the fact that JEE requires a great devotion in order to be cracked.

Incomparable Professional Success
Just think about why you applied for JEE main 2016. Obviously because you want to get admission in top engineering college, where no other exam can place you. Getting admission into IIT means getting placed into top firms across the world. IITs are known to be placing most of the students in top companies and even if you will not get placed through campus placement still you can get a high paying job quite easily in any firm. Due to such wonderful professional growth students are more concerned towards engineering courses.

Build up Positive Attitude
You may have seen various students struggling too hard for clearing JEE Advanced exams. Some of the students also include droppers, who devote their even 2-3 years after passing higher school exam. And some aspirants even after failing to crack JEE keep trying for multiple attempts. This dedication and determination builds up patience and positive attitude in student. This positive attitude not only stays in the field of study but also in their professional and personal lives.

Financial Growth
The students who are going to crack JEE Main and JEE Advanced examination are going to enter the most prestigious engineering discipline. Students entering IITs and NITs after cracking JEE, are supposed to get an initial salary package around $40K after getting placed in top firms across the world and this salary package may go up to $100K or more. So we can have an idea that how engineering field offers a great financial security. This is also one of the major reasons of students getting attracted towards this career.

Social Welfare & Contribution
Along with students seeking for greater financial security, you can also find several JEE Advanced aspirants who just aim to go to top institute of engineering to acquire skills that they can utilize for making a contribution to our society or country. Inspired from various situations, those aspirants just work hard to do something good for society.

Engineering is the most attractive career nowadays which most of the students want to opt. And proof of this attraction towards engineering is that the huge number of students have applied for JEE main 2016. If you have also applied, then get ready for the JEE main exam and also start applying for JEE Advanced from official website.