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Types and Benefits of Evaporative Cooling System

3/12/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

In order to reduce the temperature and to make sure that everyone feels comfortable, air cooling devices are used. An Evaporative cooling device operates by evaporating the water in order to cool the air. It converts the liquid into water vapor and then releases it into the air. The main benefit of this is that it consumes significantly less energy in order to accomplish the task when compared to the traditional air conditioning device, especially in the very hot weather condition. Thus, the Evaporative cooling device discharges warm air via the cool water. 

How does the Evaporative cooling device work?

This system is also known as swamp cooler, desert cooler or wet air cooler which functions by spreading the water from the reservoir on to a cooling pad, which in turn becomes damp. As the air passes through the cooling pad, the cool air is circulated. Therefore, in order to get the most effective cooling process, one needs to ensure that the cooling pads are entirely wet. The Evaporative cooling device includes two types of temperatures such as:
  • Dry Bulb temperature
  • Wet Bulb temperature
Benefits of Evaporative cooling device

The evaporative cooler is a device with one or more surfaces that enables air to move through. A fan inside the unit draws air from outside into the room. To generate cool and fresh air, each surface side is fixed with a cooling pad that absorbs water. The water is stored at the bottom and there is a small pump that lifts the water to the top of each side. In order to ensure that the continuous flow of the fresh breeze remains unrestricted, each cooling pad of the cooler should remain damp. This cools the rooms of the entire house, factory or hotel. However, one needs to keep a check on the amount of water that the pump lifts from time to time in order to keep the pads dampen. The various advantages of the evaporative cooler are listed below:

  • It is an eco-friendly device unlike the conventional air conditioning.
  • It does not include any installation charges since these are transportable units.
  • It prevents the air from losing the moisture content.
  • It does not result in skin irritation, or dryness of throat and eyes.
  • It consumes less amount of electricity unlike the conventional air conditioning device. Thus, reducing the electricity bills.
  • It does not require extensive maintenance as the user only needs to keep a tab on the water level and drain water timely to reduce bacterial growth.
  • It also requires the owner to check the cooling pads status and to replace them, when required for effective cooling.
  • It generates very less carbon di oxide emissions.
  • It ensures noiseless procedure.
  • It is perfect for the areas that experience sultry dry and hot climatic condition.
  • It has the capability of cooling the entire room evenly.
  • It is quite affordable unlike the air conditioning device.
Types of evaporative coolers that can be seen in the market

  • Direct evaporative air coolers
  • Indirect evaporative air coolers
Direct evaporative air coolers are known for adding moisture to the air for cooling without increasing the humidity content, whereas indirect evaporative air coolers do not add moisture to the air while cooling.

Thus, if you are looking for a cooler that can function as an energy efficient device, then Evaporative cooling     devices are the best solution. In addition, these devices are perfect in terms of the quality of air that is circulated. So, before you go ahead and install a traditional air conditioner, take some time to consider the benefits of evaporative cooler.