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Uses of Herbal Tea and Its Dosages

3/06/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Most of the people like to use the herbal product for their health problems. Horny goat weed tea is one of the best solutions for the sexual problem. Both men and women can use it. Individuals can prepare tea by using the herbal dried powder or they can add hot water to the liquid tincture.

The herbal tea can be made by dried powder or from the tea bag. This herbal extract is used as traditional Chinese medicine and this supplement is used to treat for sore joint, back pain, kidney problem, and impotence. This tea is also used to combat tiredness, strain, and adrenal exhaustion.

Many men and women like to increase their libido and this will help them to increase the blood flow in their genital area. People can make tea with different styles by using the herbs and tincture.

There are different forms are available for people to use, depends on their need they can buy the dried herbs, tincture, herb powder and tea bags. They need to take 2 cups of hot water for preparing the dried herb and slimmer it for 20 minutes. For best result, it is good to consumed on empty stomach.

How to prepare this Tea
Take two cups of hot water and combine the dried herb and boil them for 20 minutes. For best result, consume this on your empty stomach. This supplement can be combined with other herbs too. And people will feel energetic by drinking the herbal tea.  
While making this tea from the tinctures do follow the tincture instructions. Then only they can get a healthy dose. Some people like to make tea with the horny goat weed powder they can take one half to two grams and take this dosage for three times per day. The taste of the powder tea is bitter so it is good to add some honey to make it sweet. 
Some people will add this powder to the smoothies and blended shakes. For using the tea bags, they need to pour a glass of hot water over the tea bag. And wait for 10 to 15 minutes. This tea is good to consume before the bedtime. This supplement is not good to taken for long periods and it is good to avoid high dosages. If they consume excessively they will have the problems like dry mouth, dizziness, low blood pressure, irregular heart beat and stomach upset.

For pregnant women and breast-feeding mother it is good to avoid the supplement. And people those who are taking the treatment for thyroid problems and immune disorders are not good to take this supplement. People those who are taking medication for low blood pressure and cholesterol problem it is not good for them. 
If people have any sick while taking this supplement it is good to consult with their doctor. For everyone to consult with the doctor before taking any supplement is advisable. People can enjoy lot of benefits while taking this supplement.