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Why strength training is important

3/05/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Research has confirmed what people have known for a long time – strength training exercises are not only safe for men and women of all ages, they are essential.  People with health problems benefit the most when they exercise and also lift weights a few times a week.  Exercise has a profound impact on a person’s emotional and mental health. 

Some of the benefits of strength training are reducing the onset and symptoms of conditions like Arthritis, Back problems, Obesity, Diabetes and Depression and Flexibility too.  These are just a few of the several benefits of working out, body building and keeping fit.

Regular exercise and strength training helps older people with balance and they can avoid complications from lack of balance.  Working out helps to build strong bones which is important for both men and women as they age.  Strength training also helps with maintaining a healthy weight – the fact is that muscle burns more calories all day long.  Weight training helps to raise metabolism by about 15% which is significant.   D-Aspartic Acid may may increases free testosterone levels in men too.

5 Strength Training Workouts: There are thousands of ways and exercises that one can do to target all the major muscles in the body. All of them are designed to help you reach fitness goals as well.  They have to be done right and built on progressively to help build strength.  Which are the best ones to help get the maximum benefits from a workout? Which of them also help to utilize time efficiently at the gym?  Here are the top 5 that when done consistently, offer the best results.
  1. Barbell Squats:  The Squat is the most basic in movements. Everyone does squats on a daily basis and doing it with weights is a good idea.  A compound exercise that targets all the major muscles in the lower body and a good number in the upper body as well.
  2. Dead lifts: This is a good exercise with which one can learn how to use the right form as well as safe techniques.  It is essential to know how to use the right muscles to lift heavy items off the ground.  This exercise helps people to develop good hip, lower back and gluteal strength.   It helps to build power in different parts of the body.
  3. Push Press:  It is a more practical version of the overhead press. Doing this right will help to build upper body strength and also in improving coordination!
  4. Push Ups: This is one of the best known exercises around.  It is an excellent upper body toner and builds endurance.  This specific exercise targets the chest and back muscles as well as the triceps.
  5. Pull Ups: This is the best upper body exercise that one can do.  Many find it hard to do too – it helps to develop strong muscles in the upper back and arms while developing stability in the shoulder joints.
All of these exercises engage different joints and muscles which are required for every day movements.  These help people to develop strength in every muscle group along with endurance due to lean muscle mass.  Lean muscle helps to burn off calories and also to maintain a good weight.