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5 Modern Kitchen Decor Trends

4/28/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

Do you still think a kitchen is a place that is meant only for cooking? Take a look at the  latest kitchen designs which are a modern chef’s dream and you will change your mind. These spaces are well-equipped, compact and have also become places which can be used to entertain. Making optimum use of space is one of the main attractions of the kitchen designs present today. The idea of a clutter-free kitchen with ample space to work in is gaining popularity. The newest kitchen decor trends ensure that you can have your cake and eat it too.


The modern kitchen is a place that has access to modern utilities that make your life easier. It now has spaces exclusively meant to charge your tablet, laptops, andphones. These smart spaces also have your coffee maker, dishwasher and all the other kitchen requirements like microwave ovens and the food processor that whip a snack up in minutes.The workstation may also have space for a music system or a TV unit so you can follow the recipe of your favourite meal perfectly.


Whether your tastes lean toward muted shades or brighter hues, colour in the kitchen is definitely in style. Softer colours are said to help you relax,pastel shades like light green, yellow and cream are naturally soft and good choices to make. Combine these with white and you have a well-coordinated space. Remember to keep in sync with the colour scheme of the rest of the house as well. 

Let the light be bright

The workspace needs to be bright and well lit. Bright lights bring visibility and clarity.With this, you can see exactly what shade the food you are making is so you can judge whether or not to add that second dose of masala. Dimmers can also be fixed in case you would want softer light for specific occasions.Well lit cabinets not only enhance your working speed but also have their own aesthetic appeal which is much sought after in modern kitchens.

Open Kitchens

With the incorporation of kitchen islands, this workspace is no longer a closed off part of the home. In fact, in many apartments where space needs to be optimised, the traditional table is done away with and meals are eaten on the kitchen counter.Even in other homes, the dining area is connected to the kitchen as well as the living space. This way you need not be cut offfrom the rest of the family making it more warm and delightful to work from.

Styled kitchens

If you’re looking to style your kitchen in a particular style, the minimalist trend is gaining popularity. Here the focus is on less clutter and more space. The open space gives it an airy feel and makes it easy to maintain.This design focuses on the utility factor as well as visual appeal.