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An Overall Idea on Celebrity Short Cuts

4/14/2016 John Evans 0 Comments

Angled Bobs

The angled bob hairstyle exudes simple class and innocence. As far as styling, the bob has always been a go-to for ease of management that is also looking good in any situation. Such celebrities as Beyonce and Taylor Swift have all been photographed sporting a bob hairstyle. Those who want to spice things up can usually get the job done with a coloring or perhaps a small trim. Some would even go as far as saying it is one of the easiest styles to maintain on a daily basis. Working ladies and mothers usually go for this hair style because of its ease and convenience.

Pixie Cuts
Pixie cuts have always been a fashionist favorite since the 1950s when they were first popularized in the latter half of the 1950s by Audrey Hepburn. She not only broke the mold of what was stylish, she also took this cut international with her debut film Roman Holiday. Lets no forget Mia Farrow in Rosemary's baby! This style typically easier to manage for straight and fine haired individuals. Those with thick and curly hair will have to straighten on a daily basis, but not too management is involved. These cuts are so short (usually above the ears) that anyone can manage them. Such celebs as Carey Mulligan have kept these a popular style even today.

These cuts originate from the 1970s punk culture, but have slowly become more of a fashion than political statement! Look no further than
celebrity short hairstyles like Pink to get a better feel for what type of ladies will love this style. Type A and ready to play? Check out the Mohawk. A well cut 'hawk can be styled from formal occasions by skipping the gel needed to propel hair upwards. The length can be allowed to lay over the shaved sides of the head, or combed over to create a dashing assymetrical style that will have others taking notice. Indie singer La Roux has also sported the mohawk stylishly, on and off stage. One thing to consider is that this style quickly gets associated with your persona as it is very distinct.

Boy cuts
Boy cuts are similar to pixie cuts, however the length may vary. Boy cuts are popular amongst those who are not only low maintenance with their hair, but also active and confident in their appearance. These cuts can be styled for lengthy bangs that drape over the ears but are short in the back, or even buzzed! Charlize Theron, star of the cinema hit Mad Max, went for a boy cut to suit her character in the film, a tough, military leader who took no mercy on her opponents. News presenter Rachel Maddow has also been sporting a boy cut that softens her features and accents her professional television persona.