Gifts to celebrate Friendship Day

4/12/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

One of the most beautiful bonds that we develop through the years is the bond of friendship. True friendship stands tall in the face of all hurdles and is the rainbow of our sunny times. It seems that the South Americans were the first who decided to celebrate Friendship, as early as in 1958.

It was with the rise of the internet, that it became all the more in other countries and today it is celebrated with great pomp. Generally the first Sunday of the month of August is chosen to celebrate the wonderful bond of friendship.

We sometimes tend to value our dearest of friends. So, this year make sure that you send online gifts Pakistan to your friend and remind him or her how much they mean to you! You will probably have a very good idea what your friend might like as a gift, but here is a list of some special add-ons which will help you personalize your gifts all the more-

A gift for Him

Generally people have a tough time picking out a gift for their guy friends. Well let’s face it, when it comes to guys the options are limited! A great gift for your guy friend could be a gift hamper. Gift hampers generally come with a collection of assorted things. It can be a shaving kit, or maybe a set of kurtas.

If you want to keep it traditional and simple, go for a box of chocolates, add a few flowers and a big bright mug to enjoy his morning coffee in! Gift hampers are a less hassle and a sure shot hit when it comes to gifts. Apart from hampers, you can also opt for wallets or if he is a gadget freak then electrical appliances. If your budget is a little high then a nice wrist watch or an antique engraved pen always makes a brilliant gift.

A gift for Her

Well, when it comes to your female friends your options are unlimited. Girls enjoy a variety of assorted titbits and thus it is always easier to shop for them. However, just like the guys, girls enjoy a lovely gift hamper too! Hampers with bathing products are always a hit. There are also hampers with kurtis and churnis combined with a box of chocolates. You can also send a teddy bear along with a box of chocolates and bouquet. Add a handmade friendship band for the sake of old times.

However, if you know that your bestie is on a strict diet try to stay away from a box of mithai or chocolates.  If you think she would like it then you can also go for accessories like bangles. If you know that your friend is health conscious, then a fresh fruit basket makes for a wonderful option too to send a gift to Pakistan.

Apart from these, irrespective of your friend’s gender, he or she will always appreciate a photo frame with a picture of you two together. You can also just send a friendship day card with a personalized message with a bunch of flowers or box of chocolates, just to remind how much your friend means to you.

Now, that you have a lot of suggestions to inspire your gift ideas, go ahead and start shopping!