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Home Sauna Kits – Some Important Things to Know before Buying

4/25/2016 John Evans 0 Comments

Saunas were an extravaganza at olden times, and only the elite class had these types of facilities at home. The common people used to visit health clubs to enjoy the coziness of a sauna once a while. However, now saunas are so common at households and many people think of setting up a sauna during the time of home construction itself.

If you also plan to set up a sauna at home, you need to next think of getting good sauna kits, which are the functional components of a sauna unit.

Sauna kits

A home sauna kit consists of all essential components for you to assemble and operate a sauna. There are different types of home sauna kits available in the market, but before you make a purchase, there are some specific things you need to consider.

Which kit you need?

There two major types of sauna kits available in the market lately as;

1)      Modular sauna kits (which is also known as pre-built sauna kits), and
2)      Pre-cut kits.

q  Modular kits are much expensive when compared to the latter because the major part of assembling of sauna is already done. You may have to simply attach the panels together and the set up will not take much time and effort at all.

q  On the other hand, assembly of the pre-cut kits is not so simple. You have to be a handyman yourself or get the assistance of a third person to do this. The advantage is that the materials inside the kit are precisely cut, so you need to just follow the directives with adequate working tools to fit everything properly.

Some other considerations are;

q  Traditional or infrared? As discussed above, there are various types of sauna kits in terms of functional principles. The major types are traditional sauna and infrared sauna.

q  Indoor or outdoor? You need to first find adequate space inside your rooms to install the sauna. However, these are more featured than outdoor units. Outdoor units; however, are easy to install outside without sparing your floor area. You can set it up comfortably at your back yard, patio, or close to the pool. Also check the building regulations of your local administrative bodies before installing outdoor sauna as it may require special permission.

q  Size needed – You can get custom sauna kits for almost all sizes and shapes. There basic ones are saunas to hold one or two people to the largest ones, which can hold from 10 to 12 at a time. While choosing the size, consider the following measures;

¨                  Space available
¨                  Maximum number of sauna users at your place.
¨                  Budget and maintenance costs.

q  Surface Required - Sauna kits can be assembled on tile, concrete or any other water‑resistant surfaces. If planning to fit it on to any unusual surfaces, then you also have the option to get your sauna kits custom-made.

Above these, always purchase sauna kits from authorized dealers who can offer you authentic products at competitive pricing and also offer warranty and excellent service support.