Important Factors to Consider While Buying Alkaline Water Machines

4/12/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

So, you decided to shift from normal water to alkaline water and wondering whether it would be a good decision or not. People have always known that mineral water is the best that they could ever drink, but then, alkaline water came into the picture. Now, you are in a dilemma whether to choose between mineral water and alkaline water.

In a recent study, it was seen that people are now more interested in using alkaline water than mineral water. The latter is expensive and it can only be used for drinking. You can also use the water for other purposes, but then again, the cost would come into play.

However, alkaline water is very cost effective and they can be used both for drinking and other purposes. The best part about alkaline water is that you can use a water machine to convert normal water into alkaline water. Here are few things that you need to take into consideration while buying these machines.

pH level

This is one of the most crucial factors that you need to check in the alkaline water machine. The pH level of the water decided whether it is safe to use for all purposes or not. If you test the pH level of any drinking water, you will see that it comes to around 7 or 7.2, which is ideal. When the pH level starts to go down, it is an indication that the water is acidic.

On the other hand, if the pH level of the water is around 8-10, then you should understand that the water is alkaline. The question is which would be an ideal situation while using alkaline water. Before buying a water machine, it would be best to see the conversion percentage that the company is guaranteeing. Compare a few companies and then buy from the one that offers a higher conversion rate.

ORP is basically Oxidation Reduction Potential. This is used to measure the rate at which the water is able to slow the process of oxidation. In an ideal situation, you would want your machine to have a higher negative percentage of ORP. If the ORP is positive, then it will not be able to oxidize the water quickly.

This will in turn hamper the quality of the water that you will be using. With the help of oxidation, you can be rest assured that the water will be in its purest form and it will fight with all guns blazing against the possible microbes or germs that can make the water harmful to use. Always remember, that the more negative ORP water you drink, the better it will be for your body to fight diseases.

Before buying the alkaline water machine, it is extremely important that you check the process by which the water is converted. In addition to the pH level and ORP percentage, this is one thing that is an absolute must. The KYK Genesis is the best and easiest way to convert normal water into alkaline water. So, the company that provides this facility should be chosen.