Success is the sum of small skills, even for engineers

4/26/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

Cracking the IIT exams is not the sole thing in the career of an engineer. You might have gone for the best coaching for IIT and might have secured the best ranks. But it’s only a stepping stone in your career. Yes, the very first step to his dream. If you want to be a successful engineer then you must possess some skills. You have to get it from the campus and from the environment. Topics from books might help in career growth. But there are still more things to get to your dream heights        
Willingness to study new things

Whether it is engineering or any other career, you should be willing to study new technologies. The technical world is changing each day. New technologies are being patented each minute and advanced gadgets are released in the market every day. If you wish to be a reliable engineer, then you must be familiar with the surroundings, technologies and updates from industry. The fresh bread is the one which everyone likes. Be fresh in the bunch with real time knowledge for VIT slot booking.

Self-starting capacity

When you start your career, you might be completely blank. You will know what the name of the technology is named, but you might never have seen it. But don’t stay confused. Take the first step. Raise your hand and ask. Ask and study the technology from anyone. Use all open sources available. Whenever the work scenario demands something, take initiative and step forward. This advanced world needs self-starters who can start the vibrations of success.


An engineer should be curious. Then only he will notice the minute changes and observe the slightest results. Being curious will make you walk through different technologies, even the ones you have never heard of. Exploring the fresh technologies might feel risky at first. But it will be the one to get the best reward. When you are curious about something, you will be exploring its soul. Thus, technologies and knowledge come handy to you. This will make you the most demanding engineer in the bunch

Ability to cope with circumstances

At the beginning stage of your career, you will be working in a corporate environment which you have once heard of. The scenario might not be fancy as you have imagined. The workplace will demand productivity and efficiency from you. It will be a very different environment from that of college. You will have to work overtime and you might have to sacrifice your favourite family functions. The environment, new species endangerment will be new and will be a bit demanding. So you have to cope up with the new circumstances. You have to understand their ways and have to follow the same. This requires patience and integrity.
Innovative thinking pattern

An engineer goes through a life where he has to study advanced technologies each day. The modern world always demands comforting technologies and gadgets. The responsibility of an engineer is to deliver the expected technologies to the world. To deliver it, he should think passively and innovatively. An innovation may be a simple thought or a very big idea. But identifying its practical ability and working on the same will make you the leader. Innovative thinking can make huge changes to you and to the world.

Team spirit

It is the most important skill that an engineer should develop. No man is a world. This is the motto of the companies. To develop and to sell a product, thousands of people have to cooperate among themselves. There should be people for planning, designing, creating and selling. The product will be a success when all the four categories work up to the expectations. So you should know how to manage and maintain a team that will lead to ultimate success. You will be understanding team spirit from smaller classes and even at IIT JEE coaching classes. Still, it is a skill that requires a polishing.

Communication skills

This is the skill that most of the engineers lack. Even if the work very efficiently, communication gaps will affect their career. The very smartest students from the best IIT in India might not be able to communicate properly. Whenever a work has to be done, it has to be understood clearly. When a project is executed, the lead and all those who work on it should be well aware of what they are working on and about the expected results. To attain this goal, there should be proper communication among the team, and also with the client. So an engineer should be well mannered and also should be a nice communicator!