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The Guide to a Modern Bathroom

4/07/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

If you have decided that it is time for your bathroom to have a makeover, are considering a remodel, but are unsure what to do, this article may help.  You know that you want to renovate your bathroom, you’re just not sure how to tackle the project.  It doesn’t matter if you want to remodel the master bath, the guest bath, or the half bath no one uses on the first floor, a modern bathroom design can be in investment that will improve the overall value of your home.  However, the large number of designs available can make the process of deciding what you want overwhelming.  There are some guidelines available that you can use to find the bathroom you have only dreamt of with minimal stress to you.

            The first thing you should do is consider ambiance.  When you enter your bathroom, what type of ambiance do you want portrayed to you and/or your guests? Do you want cozy feel that’s cute but down to earth and homey?  Or are you more the “just give me a place to escape the world and relax while I sink under the bubbles in my haven of peace and serenity?”  The design you choose for your bathroom affects the atmosphere of your entire home, and should be considered carefully.  You may choose a more traditional style bathroom, but modern designs have recently seen in increase in popularity.  Modern design are sleek, sophisticated and cool.  After World-War II, Modern designs were extremely popular and marked a move away from simpler designs favored in previous decades.  The new style was known for its combination of form and function while its focus on innovative features changed the future for interior design.

            Modern bathroom designs typically contain simple geometric shapes and use materials like natural stone, glass and slate.  Granite and marble vanities may also be incorporated into the bathroom and add gorgeous additions to the room itself.  Usually, these pieces can tie the entire room together in subtle ways.  The only room within the home remodeled more than bathrooms are kitchens.  To give you an idea of what a modernly designed bathroom consists of, here are some of the latest trends. 

            In recent years, gold, brass and copper have made an uproar.  From accent metals, to simple knobs, their found everywhere.  Typically, in the bathroom, the come in the form of modern bathroom faucets, handles, knobs, and even shower heads.  The use of these metals to decorate and accent the bathroom truly warms up the room itself.  Another rise in the décor of modern bathrooms is using décor untraditionally used in the bathroom setting.  For example, instead of the medicine cabinet mirror, decorative mirrors and storage cabinets are being incorporated to soften the lightning and make the bathroom blend in with the décor of the rest of your house.  

            Modern décor is also beginning to use natural walls in the bathroom.  Traditional décor may have wooden cabinets and a few plants, but some modern bathrooms contain entire walls made up of natural materials.  An example of this is live moss tiles.    Wood like tiles are also becoming popular.  They come in a number of different colors and stain tones.  Wood like tiles are more durable than real wood and more flexible in how it’s decorated.  You can get these tiles where they realistically look just like wood and your guests will never know its tile.  People have also begun incorporating innovative toilets into their bathrooms.  Slowly making their way into the new era, innovative toilets that save water are increasing in popularity.  These toilets contain a dual flush system that help conserve water and reduce the water for a family of four by thousands of gallons every year.  

            For those who have space in their bath tub, they can turn their bathroom into a spa when adding a standalone tub.  Tubs that are separate from showers can really enhance the décor and feel of any modern bathroom design.  People have also begun incorporating showers that contain ceiling mounted rain heads, plenty of space, no curves, and a bench.  Subway tile is also still in.  Subway tile has been used for years, but recently using darker grout between tiles so the pattern stands out more is popular and gives a retro feel to your bathroom.   Some homeowners decide that mix and match tile is the way to go.  This is true because it allows you to create unique tile designs while insuring the floor fits your own personality and style.  The final new incorporation into a modernly designed bathroom is technology.   From touch faucets to gesture technology, technology is truly everywhere now that we have seen the rise of bathroom technology.