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Whey Protein – The Magical Potion for Muscle Growth

4/20/2016 John Evans 0 Comments

It is common knowledge that a strong connection exists between proteins and the muscular growth of a person. And if you are a fitness enthusiast working hard at the gym to tone your muscles, then whey protein will come as a blessing if you choose to order medicineonline through Zigy. And the secret lies in maintaining a “protein balance” which is a term coined by nutritionists who advocate the consumption of certain proteins that have a positive bearing on the development of muscles. 
The Connect between Muscular Growth and Proteins  
The science of protein demonstrates a great relationship between the different sources of protein-rich food and supplements that are instrumental in bestowing health enthusiasts with stronger muscle power. It is only through a regular consumption of proteins that one can dream of a strong body when indulging in body-building practices like weight training. The heavy weights lifted by the person trigger a condition called protein breakdown when the body benefits from energy generated by this process. All in an attempt to be at the receiving end of positive benefits from protein supplements, it is important to consume extra doses of protein in the form of supplements that are readily available on Zigy, the onlinemedicine shop

The Basics of Whey Protein 

Having understood that there are a number of foods which are rich in protein including dairy products, meat, fish, nuts and beans, all of which are loaded with carbohydrates and fats.  However, it is also important to note that these foods demonstrate different digestion rates which form a part of a biological process called protein synthesis. Coming to whey protein which is extracted during the process of making cheese, this protein registers a high biological value of 104 which goes a long way in building the muscles of a human body. Loaded with high quantities of important amino acids, whey protein which is fast to digest comes as a magical potion for people interested in building their muscle mass. 

A Time Bound Protein Centric Approach 

All thanks to Zigy, you can now source wheyprotein online without running from pillar to post.However, it comes as a wise move to follow a particular time frame during the day for a well-spread out protein intake to flaunt well-toned muscles. As per the recommendations suggested by food scientists, consumption of 20 grams of whey protein every three hours is the best way to benefit from higher muscle protein synthesis. And if you are heading to a workout, then a protein shake 30 minutes before the first rep is a good idea. However, checking with a professional nutritionist or trainer beforehand is best.

Teaming this protein supplement with a rich breakfast is all that is needed to kick-start a day after a restful 8 hours of sleep. Providing all the essential nutrients that are required for the daily activities of a hectic life, calling it a day with a dose of whey protein just an hour before hitting the bed is also advisable.