Which online shopping site do you choose?

4/20/2016 John Evans 0 Comments

Online shopping has revolutionized the Indian fashion industry to a large extent. There are several online shopping sites with distinct value propositions. These sites have made fashion more accessible and affordable for us without compromising on the global essence of styles, designs and the latest trends. This is where we have embraced online shopping sites for the sheer diversity, vastness and attractiveness of collections alone. There are several other benefits and features of online shopping sites including discounts, offers, freebies and rewards among others. However, choosing the right online shopping site is a matter of great importance.
You should know the particular value proposition offered by each and every online shopping site. We have chronicled and explored three major online shopping sites that are making waves at the moment, namely Voonik, Koovs and StalkBuyLove. Voonik is one portal which offers a bird’s eye view of the best recommendations from other online shopping sites. Voonik offers recommendations to customers on the very best products from other online shopping sites and you can directly get the personalized recommendations, deals and trends here. Voonik also offers products from leading brands.

Additionally, Koovs follows a model where it does retail apparel and accessories from leading domestic and global brands but also has its own personally created fashion collection that is credited to its lab in London. StalkBuyLove, on the other hand, does not get into the brand game altogether. It is treading a brave and unconventional path towards being a niche online fashion label for women and creates all its accessories and apparel in sync with the latest trends and global fashion influences. This automatically gives StalkBuyLove an edge in our opinion. Additionally, StalkBuyLove is not just focused on discounting for the sake of it. There are special offers and rewards but the focus is more on the collections and the value they bring to the table. Also, you will find several unique facets of women’s fashion here including culottes, palazzos, shrugs & ponchos, beachwear, dungarees and co-ordinates along with several other global fashion styles and outfits that are mostly to be found missing at other counterparts. While Koovs does have a comprehensive collection, the focus is diluted somewhat amongst both sexes. Voonik does offer fashion exclusively for women to a large extent but it is not as educational and movement oriented like StalkBuyLove.

StalkBuyLove has its own fashion magazine which is an absolute delight and also classifies products as per trends or looks which is an amazing way to simplify online fashion shopping. There are beautiful collections that have a distinctly global essence, something which you will not find anywhere else. Every collection tells a distinct story of creativity, innovation and experimentation that is a sheer delight to possess. StalkBuyLove lives up to its motto of new fashion everyday and the sheer pace at which new products and styles are made available here is something most other portals cannot match. 

StalkBuyLove also offers comprehensive information on size, fit and fabric in order to minimize buying errors for its customers and also has a New Arrivals section where you will find the latest styles and products each day! With regard to logistics, delivery and customer service, let it suffice to say that all three portals are at par but StalkBuyLove again outstrips the other two in terms of a personalized focus on every customer and its mission to educate every modern Indian woman about the sheer array of fashion styles available to her instead of conventional brand splurging, something that the other two portals do in good measure to boost sales figures. 

StalkBuyLove is not for the mass shopper. It is for those amongst us who appreciate quality over quantity, fit and finish over brand perception and true creativity and personalized craftsmanship over mass market retailing. StalkBuyLove creates its own garments and accessories painstakingly and based on deep research and insights. Each collection tells a story like we mentioned and is inherently global without losing its suitability for Indian tastes and climes. StalkBuyLove is an evolutionary movement, one that is not designed to simply facilitate mindless brand retailing like its other counterparts. It is this aspect which got us hooked to StalkBuyLove and we’ve been coming back ever since.