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5/31/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Health is the greatest form of wealth which we humans have. Usually we are aware about what’s happening around the world with some or the other news forum. But it is important to pay heed to the health and medical issues related news too. One of the very positive and helpful news for the people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is that researchers from Orebro University have found the evidence regarding the fact that a blood thinner drug which is known as clopidogrel.

Professor Margitta Elvers and few researchers from Italy, Sweden and Germany have contributed to this discovery. Due to this Alzheimer’s disease dangerous plaque which are clumps of proteinic material clump inside the neurons and synapses signaling apart from destroying the neurons. This discovery is certainly going to help in the cure.

Since ages we have seen that newborn children have a special talcum powder in them. In fact, we ourselves saw that being applied to us. And this Meds news about the potential of the talcum powder to cause cancer due to the presence of asbestos simply shocked us to our roots. However, purified talcum powder is used in most of the highest quality cosmetics, but still the news and researches in this field have created a fear in our minds and we must be careful regarding the use now, as cancer is one of the toughest diseases to be cured.

One of the most sensitive issues related to our health is the birth control. It requires great will to go through this one. Essure, which is a permanent birth control method involving insertion of two metal coils inside the fallopian tube to block them, is under the scan now. Many people have raised concerns over the safety of this device. There have been many adverse reactions reported due to this device like perforations in other organs. This is really serious and requires deeper attention.

On the other hand a lot is being talked about our food habits these days, like whether a person is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. And vegetarianism is seen as a lifestyle choice by many rather than just as a food choice. Some people have adopted vegan and vegetarianism due to fear of ethics or sometimes may be due to factors of monetary savings. 

It is recommended across various Meds news articles that animal can be contagious due to bird flu or cow disease and many such other issues. So that may ultimately impact our health in a negative sense. There is lack of hygiene in breeding animals these days, so it gets important that the food is taken care of at our end so that pandemics like those which have taken place in the history can be avoided.

Other added benefits are stated like if we consume more of a plant based diet or shift completely to it than we can improve the our lives by reducing the mortality rate by about 5-6%. And if the entire world shifts to vegan diet the health and climate change benefits will be almost doubled.