How to stay focused on your blog?

5/16/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

A blogger is first and foremost a person; his/her identity is just not his online profile but also his personal and professional relationships. Also blogging is not the only thing that you do. There are loads of other things such as work commitments, family time, etc. Every blogger has a real life that runs parallel to is virtual one. Hence it becomes very important that he maintains a delicate balance between his professional and personal commitments.

But sometimes it is the quality of the content that has to pay the price in order to keep this balance. A struggle every blogger is familiar with, whether he is a newbie or an established blogger.

Check out these four tips that will help you overcome the problem of starting a blog and stay focused on your blog:

Set your priorities

As a blogger, you have a lot on your plate, creating new content, editing old ones, promoting your products, socialising with your readers, building links, and also tracking the recent developments are just few of the many things that you’ll have to do. Unfortunately time is a limited resource, so you must use it for things that are of utmost priority. For a blogger it is important that the quality of your content is not compromised upon. It must be at par with the reader’s expectations. Make a schedule and stick to it religiously. Avoid any distractions when working. Systematically planning out all your work is a great way to manage time.

Enjoy your work

Enjoy what you do, do what you enjoy. This philosophy applies not only to your blog but to your life as well. When a blogger enjoys writing, the work becomes less cumbersome. The basic purpose of a blog is self-expression. The blogger writes because he is extremely passionate about the topic of his content. Blogging is not a job one is forced to do. Rather it is a way to voice out your ideas and promote them to earn money. Find a topic that interests you and your readers as well. This is where you have to set a silver lining, for only keeping into consideration the reader’s choice makes your job tiresome, while only thinking about your choices might not be profitable.     

Set goals

Time is a limited resource, hence must be utilised to the fullest. Set goals and try achieving them such as make a resolution that you’ll write an article in the limited period of time or publish a specific number of articles every week. This helps you stay consistent and also make the whole blogging experience much more challenging and exciting! Setting goals also help you save a lot on time that can be used for other purposes. Moreover goals also help you track your performance. It allows you to measure your improvement and utilise your potential to the fullest. It is a great way of boosting up your spirits and encouraging you to work harder.

Money factor

The money that you earn out of your blog is also a great motivating factor. Your blog can earn you an impressive profit through posting content and advertising your products on your blog. Hence the better your content is the more money you earn. This helps you concentrate more on the quality of the content and you invest time making it more interesting and innovative attracting a large reader base. This in turn promotes your blog making you a successful blogger. But don’t be disheartened or frustrated when you don’t start earning immediately. Good things take time!