The Benefits of Architectural and Commercial Anti-Slip Stair Treads

5/19/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

FRP is the outcome of extensive research and experiment conducted to churn out a solution for dealing with corrosion issues, the biggest concern for industrial houses. FRP was introduced in the market for providing optimum solution to protect industrial facilities and structural profile against corrosive environment. Over time it has become the ideal choice for several industries including coal-burning power plants, chemical process, pulp and paper manufacturing industry and mineral processing house. In various applications, FRP made products provides superior performance in comparison to other construction materials.

With time, composite materials designed for reinforcement purpose have also been appreciably improved in terms of features. Innovation in this field has given birth to maintenance free FRP equipment with substantially longer service life. The utilization of FRP material is regarded as considerably economical in applications, as for preventing stainless steel and nickel alloy steels from the attack of corrosive environment costly coating and lining is needed.

However, the anticorrosive nature is not the ultimate feature that makes FRP products the preferable choices for architect and engineers. They hold a gamut of features that are highly advantageous from the perspective of industrial means. Let’s have a look on anti-slip stairtreads to explore other advantageous features of FRP products.

Remarkable Properties of Anti-slip Stair Treads
•These anti-slip products are undoubtedly ideal for heavy industrial sites and mineral, mining operations as well as offshore construction to touch safety and health regulations accredited for slip hazard areas.
•The product provides incomparable strength and density, and the properties give the product extended service life and wear-resistance.
•The anti-slip stair treads and capping can be easily implemented over existing stairs and ladder rungs respectively to render safety solutions that last for longer time.
•The FRP stair treads are manufactured through one-step fabrication process where the fire-retardant resin is intermingled with layers of immensely strong fiber.  Thus, they are the supreme choice for highly inflammable workstation.

Why Consider FRP Stair Treads Over the Steel Alternative?
The mining and mineral processing industry utilizes various strong acids for extracting minerals from the inferior quality of ores. Mainly sulfuric acid is used in the mineral process that is corrosive to almost every metal and concrete. Hence, if steel made stair treads are used and accidentally acid drops down on the walkways or stairs, more likely it will be affected, besides it would be hard to restore back to the previous condition. In this case, FRP made stair treads are considered as a more viable option.

Last Word
They are designed to provide an optimum solution in both industrial and commercial building, starting from ship walkways to auditorium. Moreover, bristle brush and general-purpose floor cleaner particularly made for industrial use are enough to clean this FRP stair treads. Once installed, it’s advisable to inspect the product on a regular basis to ensure its meeting the intended performance level.