The Lecture may be missed, but now they won’t remain unheard

5/24/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

With the development of technology the way in which education has evolved is simply amazing. With the rise of audio visual lectures, distance education programs, e-learning modules the ways of learning have been modified with respect to the 21st century technology and its applications. And one such trend is the way of learning by watching recorded lectures.

Why is there a need to give some thought on recording lectures?

There may be a variety of reasons for which one may wish to have a recorded lecture from a student’s perspective. The common reasons are as follows:
  • A Subject which is being taught may complex and a student may not be able to understand it in one go and hence listening to recorded lectures to three times can help to build concepts in a better way.
  • If you happen to miss a lecture due to illness and you don’t trust the notes of any friend then better hear the recording and prepare them on your own to have a satisfaction and understanding of the subject.
  • Some professors speak through the lectures so fast you tend to get disconnected with the flow and hence end up having a rough day of class. This can be managed by studying at home via recorded lectures and catch up with the class next day onwards.
The process of recording lecture, so systematic and easy looking

Lecture recording device these days are so advanced due to the presence of two encoders out of which one encoder is for streaming and the other one is for recording at high quality. There is need to a proxy quality file and also record simultaneously the master version for post event editing. Recordings can be stored locally on an SD card or a USB drive and remotely on a network mapped drive.

With the use of dual channel recording that simultaneously allows the user to record content locally and to a drive that makes the files available on any network. This also provides an assurance that no action is lost even if the network goes down.

There may be times when different recording is required to be done at different bit rates as various devices have varying decoding capacities. There is also one more amazing feature of setting a specific file segment length and that will stop the recording automatically in one file and will begin a new file once the set time length is over without even missing a single frame.

How good or bad is the experience of learning through recorded lectures also depends on the quality of the lecture recording device used. The range of the device, the quality of voice encoder and decoder, the tone of the sound, etc. are some essential factors which need appropriate attention on their technicalities for a good recording to be done and shared with others later on. So now even if you miss a lecture, you will not miss the learning as recorded lectures can be your savior.