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Tips for Coloring Hair At Home

5/21/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Hair coloring is growing popular day by day. Most women use the services of a hair salon to color their hair. But hair coloring can be done even at home. 

If you have started coloring at home or are planning to switch over, use the following tips to guide you:
  • Don’t be confused by the endless aisles of hair color at the drugstore. Save energy and time by ruling out what is not suitable for you. Moderate you expectations and concentrate on color swatches while selecting a shade, avoiding hair models. You can also buy professional hair color online.
  • Permanent dyes are best to cover grays but use sheer glosses to add a new tint or brighten your existing shades.
  • While selecting shades, do not ever go in for two shades darker or lighter than your existing hair color. If you break this rule, you are in for disaster.
  • Confused about shade? Most coloring companies provide online guides. But if the shade you like is drastically different from your natural color, it is best you get your first coloring done in a salon.
  • Drug store dye will produce the color indicated on the box only if you have virgin (never colored) hair or hair color is lighter than the dye to be used. If you have already dyed hair, you will get hot roots-which means -scalp will have higher glow than rest of hair as it is the only part that is virgin.
  • In case you are re-dyeing hair, avoid putting dye on the ends of your hair. This is totally unnecessary and makes your hair seem heavy and inky over time.
  • When you are avoiding dye at the ends of the hair, make use of a gloss in a less lighter shade to add consistency and shine without causing damage to ends.
  •  If your hair has green sheen due to chlorine or old color, use a pink shampoo. Pink helps in neutralizing the green color.
  • Use a shampoo free of sulfate. Sulfate free shampoo extends the longevity of permanent hair color and will not wash away color like a harsh, detergent based shampoo.
  • Use hair styling tools responsibly and minimally: always blow dry your hair rather than using striaghteners or curlers as you use less direct heat which lessens any damage.
  • If you have temporary hair color and are styling your hair, always use a heat protecting product like spray. Temporary color fades with washing as well as by application of heat.
  • Those who have blond shades must wash hair once a week with nourishing and moisturizing mask.
  • Install a shower filter as it will avoid discoloration and fading from buildup of chemicals like chlorine present in urban water supply.
  • If you are low on funds and desperate to hide roots, you can use a DIY option. Get mascara from your drug store and apply to the roots. This is great way for getting best hair color for me.
  • Use a gloss or glaze to revive dull color.
These are some valuable tips for coloring your hair at home.