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5/23/2016 John Evans 0 Comments

A pet lover who has a cat or who has grown up with cats would know the exact way a cat would react and the way they would show their love. If you have just adopted a kitten then welcome to a time of your life ahead with the kitten. Though kittens are playful, they are always in need of care. From giving the little one, its regular three year dose of Feline Distemper to other vaccination, you must ensure that you shall protect the kitten from everything possible.

When the cats start growing, they would become bold and might leave the home without you, but they should be trained to face other stray animals too. It has been seen that often these pet cats might get bitten in a fight and these cats might be traumatized too. If you see your cat showing some irregularities in its behavior then consult a veterinarian from Feline Medical Center or visit the site to fix an appointment with a doctor. In case, the wound is fresh and you would like the doctor to do a first aid, then rush over with your cat in a pet carrier to the outpatient ward and have the treatment done. In many cases, these might just be a little bit of bandage or possibly some other lesser complex treatments, in many other cases it might not be so. If a cat has got hit by a car, or a bigger vehicle, and has broken its leg, then it might need bone setting or other such surgical or semi-surgical methods.

It is always recommended that you maintain the health reports of your cat with care. If your cat is given a dental treatment then it has to be noted in the file. This would help the future treatment of the cat easily. A visit to the website of would be able to give you a clear idea on the kinds of checks they do in the annual visits. The annual visit would have everything from measuring the height, weight, eyesight, reflexes and breathing pattern and every other such issue noted. This shall help when your cat gets its annual vaccines and even in helping the doctor later if the cat develops any medical issue. 

Cats might also develop diabetes, arthritis and joint pain with old age and it is essential that their diet is also kept in control. Cats would need nutrition and it is only with nutritious foods and food supplements that are easily available in the market for the cats that your best friend, the cat, can become healthy and stay fit for a long time.
If you notice any change in behavior or if the cats are getting moody or suffering from some erratic behavior in their adult age, and they have already reproduced, then you might get them neutered too. Check out for more services that they offer to keep your cats happy and healthy all their life.