What If I Had $1,500 To Start My Blog?

5/14/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

For starting a blog you will obviously need some money to get it ready and start delivering information to your readers. It is always a good idea to set your budget in advance so that you can manage your expenses accordingly. If you manage and utilize your budget perfectly in collecting perfect assets for your blog, it is definitely going to help your blog in long run. I encountered a question in which readers asked for guidance in managing $1500 for starting a blog. So today, in this post I want to give all the readers certain tips for managing your budget effectively to start your blog.

Choose a Good Hosting Plan

For choosing a good domain name, you need to go for a good hosting plan. Before you book any hosting provider, compare the plans of various hosting companies. But for the sake of cheap hosting plan don't compromise with quality. You will probably be able to find a hosting plan for around $10.

Purchase a Good Domain Name

A domain name is one of the most important assets that you will have to invest in for starting a blog. It is always advisable to go for a .com domain. You should try to register a 1-2 words relevant domain for your blog. For example if you are planning to run a football blog then you research a domain just like, and similar. Finding a domain name has become a bit tedious task nowadays. It demands too much research. The significance of domain is not just up to giving an online address to your blog but it also has great importance as per SEO point of view. So reserve around $500 from your budget for your domain name. If you will be fortunate enough then your domain seller can sell it at comparatively less price.

Purchase a Premium Theme

Next step is to invest some money in a descent theme that can offer good functionality, colors scheme, visual content and design to your blog. Although most of the platforms also offer free templates but for giving a professional structure to your blog, it is good to go with a paid theme. Choose a template which offers features related to your niche. A paid theme will cost you around $50.

Get Logo Designed for Your Blog

Logo is another essential part of your business. It is just like a landmark of your business through which you will be represented in the online world. So it is also important to invest money in designing a perfect logo for your blog. You can find a reliable logo designer through various online freelancing platforms like, Upwork, etc. For designing a logo you need to keep around $200-$300 aside of from your budget.

With all the above investments you have already spent around $860. These are the primary expenses which are necessary and you can limit your investment here and save rest of the amount. However if you want all of your $1500 invested in setting up your blog then you can invest rest $640 in following activities.

Purchase Some Traffic

Purchasing certain amount of traffic through Google Adsense, banner posts and sponsored reviews will be a good idea. This will give your blog a good start for building an online community and audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another important investment idea that you can consider to opt if you have sufficient money to do so. By initiating an email marketing campaign, you will be able to send bulk emails simultaneously to a group of people. This will in turn increase your popularity and thus audience.

So there are a few of the tips by following which you can manage your budget effectively for setting up a blog and putting it at the right path to success.