3 Steps of Running Successful ESL Teaching Classes

6/22/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

Preparing a lesson plan would give you confidence and enthusiasm of conducting the class. Being unprepared you would just manifest your nervousness more clearly and this will lead to a chaotic class. Once the students get the slightest hint of your nervousness they would take no time to ignore you and presume you as an incapable one.  Thus, arranging an organized lesson plan is the ultimate way to build up a successful career in ESL job industry. 

It’s significant to divide the entire lesson into several sections and choose suitable activities to teach them in an interesting manner. Through different activities if you can engage the whole class, half of your battle would be won effortlessly. The best way to obtain long-term classroom success is to prepare the lesson planning in a systematic way while teaching in China.  After the first class, you can have an idea over the timing need to complete the activities and the relevant lessons to it. However, if the students struggle to understand and cope with your teaching style you need to bring change immediately otherwise all your effort would go in vain. 

Presentation stage
In this stage, you must present the focus of the whole lesson to the students or just give them an idea about the things they are going to learn. In order to avoid boredom, it’s important to mix and match the lesson plan. For instance, when you are teaching the basics of grammar, the rules, and usage, instead of focusing only onto this for a whole week also introduce some interesting activity to enrich their vocabulary. However instead of combining completely different lesson plan together you must concentrate on merging such topics that are complementary to each other. For example, when students are being enlightened about the classifications of nouns, try to augment their vocabulary with commonly used nouns of English language. 

If you are running out of inspiration then consult with an experienced teacher associated with English teaching jobs in China or else Internet is enriched with abundant helpful resources that will help you profusely.

Practice Stage
Now it comes to practice the lesson that you have already presented by them, however, being a responsible teacher your must keep stern attention on the outcome of the lesson. With complete control over the learning process, you can correct their errors like mistakes in spelling, sentence construction, and pronunciation. This is one of the important phases here you can stamp out the errors and with gradual development; they would gain more confidence while communicating in English. 

The production Stage
Encourage the students to use the learned subject matter. Mingling activities or small group work has turned out to be more effective than practicing alone. Divide the whole class into small groups, give a common topic to each of the group, and ask them to express their opinion relevant to the topic.

Even after working hard on the lesson plan you may find it’s not effectively developing the skills of the students, don’t be disheartened in such situation. Instead of doubting your capability, immediately bring necessary change to the lesson plan.