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An Effective Performance Enhancement Medicine

6/27/2016 John Evans 0 Comments

Developed in the mid-1900s by Searle Laboratories, Oxandrolone was initially used for muscle regrowth in patients with diseases related to weight loss. But later it began to be used by professional body builders and athletes to gain muscle mass while reducing unwanted body fat. Steroid users who supplement with this steroid experience enhanced rate of recovery and muscular endurance as well after a hectic exercise routine. But in any case the training routine should not be exceeded to achieve higher gains than expected. This supplement is used to make a more effective use of each workout session or athletic performance. Professional athletes greatly appreciate the strength enhancing performance of this drug which ultimately leads to power and stamina. Moreover, it is known to have lesser side-effects than steroids like Dianabol or Halotestin. The prevention of excess mass build-up is also a major contributor for the enhancement of athletic performance. Regardless of the gender, this supplement aids in enhancing metabolic activity of the body during off-season mass gaining periods. 

Outstanding results on women

This supplement is known to be equally effective if not more for the fairer sex as it is for males. Many label this product as the official girl steroid and is comparable with the effect of testosterone on men. While women tend to be more sensitive to anabolic drugs and face severe side-effects like virilization, this is not the case for Anavar. If used responsibly and in proper dosage levels this supplement will pose almost no threat to its users, especially women. This is known to be an effective off-season drug for women who aim to build up more lean muscle mass while shredding off excess fat. While most steroid users recommend taking Anavar pills under the vigilance of an expert health physician just knowing the right dosage level and the proper cycle will be sufficient. Also, women do not need to have ancillaries like men or run a post cycle therapy after successful completion of the steroid cycle. A mild dosage level of 5mg or 10mg daily is sufficient for amateur female users to achieve the desired result. However, advanced users may prefer to have the dosage level a bit increased but not exceeding 20mcg per day. 

Market availability

There are various certified stores which market supplements like Anavar but buying the right dosage for your purpose is the main concern. There are many steroid communities which recommend taking Anavar pills from the retail stores instead of procuring it form an online web store. But consumption and sale of this supplement is restricted in certain states in which case you have to procure it online. Some underground labs manufacture it for the purpose of research work and if you want to purchase it from there you need to have an in-depth knowledge of your dosage requirement and the quality of product they are possessing. Due to the increased demand for the product in the underground market duplicate products are available in abundance. You just need to have an eye to distinguish between the good and the bad.