Lyon: 10 places for planning a trip

6/04/2016 John Evans 0 Comments

Your holidays are approaching and you have not yet booked anywhere. Perhaps it is not too late to discover new destinations. Selection Lyon tour operators that make us dream ...

Trip solidarity

Solidarity? A big word. For Arvel association, it's just a way to travel. In fact, everyone would like his next getaway "serve" something, or at least travel the world responsibly. But in practice, it all seems very complicated. This is where Arvel and its various proposals labeled "solidarity trips", built in collaboration with NGOs worldwide.

America Direction

In terms of wide open spaces and distant and contrasting land, Lyon has a specialist operator. Canada, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, many tours for all tastes are studied, always with the same concern for authenticity. Like the famous "First sight of Argentina", which includes visits to three sites classified by UNESCO and many stops at the inhabitant.

Close or far away

Corfu, Sri Lanka, Luxembourg, Italy, Cuba, the most exotic destinations alongside day trips in the Berthelet Travel directory. One slogan escape! Whether for a family day in the Vercors or circuit in Lanzarote, Berthelet the company, which has its own network of shuttle buses to take us to the airport, has a knack for creating, individually or in groups, parentheses quality.

The passion for volcanoes

Guide enthusiasts and scientific groups for nearly fifty years, Guy Saint-Cyr has mounted the Volcano Adventures agency following his thunderbolt to the first eruption of a volcano on the island of Stromboli, Italy. Since then he has at heart to share his passion by organizing excursions on the crater in activity worldwide.

Travel on foot

Tamera means "opening" in the Touareg. A name that says something about this agency the 5th district which is spearheading hiking, trekking and walking in general. What better posture, indeed, than a fighter backpack to deeply explore a country? With coaching and knowledge of the field, our travel backpacker not found agreeable.

For the love of Asia

Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, etc., the countries of Asia have the ability to create sparks in the eyes of those who return. There is not a soul who finds himself pinned to the destination by a boundless affection. It is this magic that Objectify Asia's mission is to spread in the heart of Lyon.

For those who are already thinking about winter

Follow the trail of wolves in Finland, living as a trapper in Quebec, travel by snowmobile to Spitsbergen, spend 4 days in a geothermal spa in Iceland, 66 ° North implements polar voyages, with or independently. Heart for the polar cruise aboard a sailboat to explore wildlife.

Yes, I can

Whether one is a student of primary or fiftieth, it is always beneficial to perfect English. Fortunately, there are other options that foster family deep in England to get there. Example? A trip for college students around the world on the Isle of Wight, a few months au pair in Miami, or courses for adults in New Zealand. Result: the discovery of a part of the world and language skills for life.

Change of scenery

The discovery of Nomad Adventure dizzy. Between individual trips and Backpacking, like the volcanoes of Bali, Cappadocia in Turkey, trips theme group (felucca on the Nile, natural beauty of Costa Rica, the best of Madeira) and family outings, it is really difficult to make your choice! But whatever the destination, the agency promises an experience "free and nomadic". A whole program.

Horse safari

To be parachuted in Out of Africa, is simple: book a holiday in Kenya, Botswana and South Africa, browse the jungle on horseback and relax in the lodges’ canvas. Traveling on horseback, the Lyon agency Horse Adventure has made ​​its specialty on Vacations. For lovers of riding, several solutions: hiking expedition in autonomy, training, etc. Around the world, of course.