Neelam Stone comes with wonderful magical properties

6/17/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

One of the most positive of all gemstones is considered to be Neelam, since it offers the wearer with everything that is good in life. However, the gemstone needs to suit the horoscope of the wearer to benefit him, otherwise, it is likely to have everything snatch from him if found to be unsuitable. These gemstones are regarded to be Planet Saturn’s gemstones. The gemstone is known to have power for diminishing Planet Saturn’s ill effects. It has been termed to be a quick and effective gemstone that begins to display its effects within a short span of just 2 to 3 days, be it good or bad.

Also, it is popularly known as Blue Sapphire. It is found mainly in Pink, Brinjal and Blue colors. However, Planet Saturn is better represented by blue colored Sapphires. 

Benefits derived

This gemstone is known to have the power of giving back the wearer his lost wealth. Also,  it is famous towards safeguarding the wearer from different types of diseases such as issues related to the nervous system, feet, bones, muscles, legs, etc., as well as obesity. 

Who can wear it?

This gemstone is favored by those who are engaged with the coal industry, iron ore, poly bags, mustard oil factories, salt, lead, etc. Businesses which are said to be related with materials that are in black color is said to be favored upon by the Saturn planet. Hence, Neelam stone is said to favor the wearer. People who are professional real estate dealers, mill owners, contractors, laborers, politicians, magistrates, financers, hawkers, or those working in the local government can benefit from wearing the stone immensely. 

The above mentioned benefits of using the Neelam stone can only be enjoyed by the wearer, if the stone actually suits his horoscope. Otherwise, he may stand to lose everything that he possesses. Hence, astrologers recommend their clients to purchase this stone only from those reputed stores or sites that offer their customers a trial period of few days to wear and see if this stone really suits them or bring ill luck. If so, then the person should avoid using it and have it returned back to the store. 

Where to purchase the Neelam stone?

Since it is termed to be a rare stone, it is quite precious and comes with a hefty price tag. The original neelam stone price is likely to be expensive and may be out of reach for the common man. However, the advent of the different reputed online sites offering variety of authentic gemstones can prove to be a boon for those who are eager to purchase one. These sites do offer huge discounts to their customers on purchase, and ensure that all the gemstones that are sold by them are authentic and are accompanied by letter of authenticity. 

There are numerous sites that the person can consider for making the purchase. It would be a wise decision to shortlist the best sites and to check their overall reputation.