The Relationship Between Colour And Your Brand Personality

6/21/2016 John Evans 0 Comments

A unbelievable as it may seem, it's a scientifically proven fact that the colours of your logo can influence the purchasing decision of your potential customers. By making the wrong colour choice, you can influence the future of your business, as your customers are going to be chased away without even realising why. Scientists have proven the influence of colours on the way humans beings feel. Colours have the power to change your mood, without you being aware of this. If you want your customers to feel more energetic when they see your logo, you should consider picking warmer colours such as red, orange and yellow. On the contrary, if you want to inspire calm and security, you should go for cooler colours such as green, blue, brown and purple. Before you have your logo designed, try to figure out what kind of feelings you want to awaken in your customers. There are colours that suit best certain industries. For instance, if you fancy a black logo, you should be aware that it might not work for a healthcare company, since it is rather associated with death. Blue would be a much better choice, as it suggests responsibility and trust, these being a few of the traits people expect to find in a healthcare company. Here are a few of the colour choices of the most popular brands and their influence on us, their customers.


Yellow is a warm colour which suggests energy, hope and creativity. It suits companies that operate in the energy industry, as well as household services providers. It is less suitable for financial services or travel agencies.


Red is the colour of passion. It grabs attention and makes people feel more energetic, thus being a good choice for food industry and technology players.


Since blue suggests comfort and trust, there's no wonder it's the most popular choice across all industries and markets. Financial institutions and travel agents are very fond of this colour. Food and drink businesses don't choose it as often.


Black stands for prestige and value, hence being one of the most popular choices of clothing brands and of the automotive industry. It is also very appreciated by attorneys of law, but less common among travel companies. Colour is important, but it is only the beginning of what should be a coherent brand identity development process. Your logo has to match your overall marketing strategy. It has to be in line with your product packaging, landing page and stationery signage, so that people can recognize it at a glance. Branding consistency is key to building solid awareness for your company and your products. We are more than happy to provide you advice in integrating your corporate colour scheme into your overall communication and branding. Just contact Zoo Signs for car wrap and sign writing  today, and get the professional assistance you need!