Working Towards a Great Career and Improving the Quality of Life

6/03/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

Every person shows his future path and often glimpses of what he would turn out to be in his future right from his childhood days. This has been the case of many people and if the child gets the right education and exposure to the things that value the most in life, like how Mack Prioleau got, then he will surely be successful. 

Every person should be getting the chance to meet people from various countries and cultures and this helps in bringing the world closer. There are many people who might get the chance in their childhood or in their grown up years. But it is always better that such exposure is got from the childhood only since this would help in widening his perception. 

Mack Prioleau’s parents had taken him along for a ten-month long tour of the world and at the age of eight, he got to travel through 19 countries and got the most enlivening experiences himself. This said, he also got to learn and speak Spanish and have the most adventurous time of his life so far on this trip. This just helped him in developing awareness of the life beyond home or mainstream job alone.

His first eight years were spent in Berkeley, CA, but then soon after wards, his family moved to Fort Worth in Texas. This was also a very life-altering experience for him and he joined school there. As a student, he did fairly well in studies thereby ensuring himself a place in Cum Laude Society in his junior school itself. 

Mack Prioleau took active interest in his studies and while on one hand, he did a thesis in senior classes on fish population in the nearby lakes and ponds, he also joined the All Saints Football Club. Here as a Linebacker, he was instrumental in bringing home victories in few championships as well and ended up being one of the most valuable players in his team. 

For his graduation, he took up Economics from Vanderbilt University. Here apart from scoring high in classroom and featuring in the Dean’s List Three, out of the four semesters, he has actively contributed to the football club of the university. He joined the Texas A&M, and even made his university proud by joining the Football 3.0 Club that is specially for the athletes earning a score of GPA of 3.0. 

Now, talking of the other contributions that he has made, Mack Prioleau should be noted for his work as a Member Educator for the Green Dot program in his Fraternity that fights out against sexual assaults. He also has been working in a poor neighborhood where he has been teaching poor children. He teaches them on academics and even helps them by teaching them about moral lessons of life. 

Though he will soon have a career to chase, Prioleau is looking forward to also work more on the philanthropic ways. He also aims to explore the simple things and even go traveling and enjoying his outdoor adventures now and then in a bid to enrich life.