Boston’s Top Corporate Video Production Companies

7/04/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

Have a big event or a wedding? A conference for your job?  Do you need a reputable video company to use to get you the best experience you could possibly have by video then this article may help you find it.   In this article you will find the top quality video companies in the area of Boston Massachusetts.

1.      Maverick Productions LLC 

This company specializes in shooting video for businesses that need corporate video Production Bostonarea to increase business through marketing, promotion, training, website use and broadcast use. Maverick Productions plans out your video and edits it for you as well. They offer a host of services listed on their webpage.  Some of their clients are Google, Pinnacle Residential Properties and Blue Cross Blue Shield to name a few.  As with all things price is a concern but with Maverick you will find that your services received are well worth their price. 

2.      Sound and Vision Media  

 Are you looking for something affordable then look no further than Sound and VisionMedia?  They offer services such as music video production, online video production, corporate video productionBostonarea and commercial video production.  They consider themselves a “one stop shopping experience” with experienced personnel that will give you the video that you wanted for your business to create business. 

3.      TR Productions

Started in 1947 the company has evolved into the area of business to business specialists providing corporate video production Boston area for their clientele.  What that means is they produce corporate videos, web development videos and interactive media as well as other daily business activities associated with the client they are working for currently.   They offer other services as well which can be found on their website and you can request information about their prices. 

4.       E Cast Productions 

This company’s office is located in Boston, Massachusetts. They offer services for corporate video productionsBostonarea and live events.  With clients such as Vicam, Genzyme, Harvard and National Grid you know that you have a wide variety of experience as each of those companies needs a different video produced all with the same ending in mind:  to gain and keep clients and customers.

5.      Gifford Productions 

Gifford has been considered one of the leading video production companies in Boston that provides different types of videos for your use.  Services they offer in that area are a video for a corporate video ProductionBoston area, Blue Ray/DVD, webinars/elearning, editing and web design.  They have a process that has worked for 24 years.  Gifford Productions will be a good choice for your video needs. 

6.       Dewey Media 

Dewey Media offers a wide variety of corporate video productionBoston services for their clients use ranging from funny videos to online videos all for business.  The company offers other services as well.  They are sure to give you a very well made and planned video. Some of their clients are Charles River Ventures, Scribd, SpiderCloud Wireless to name a few.

7.       Valed 

If you are looking for another company that is close to home and live in the Boston downtown area you should check out Valed.  This company takes corporate video ProductionBoston to a whole new level making sure that all your marketing, training, internet and intranet needs are met in order to achieve a better company. They specialized in working with legal videos with law firms, post production editing of the video produced and also help in your video conferencing needs.The price depends on your needs and you can discuss same with the company representative you meet.    

8.      Charles River Media Group 

Located in Newton Center this company produces and edits corporate productions videosBoston for all types of businesses.  The content included in these videos ranges from “ visual marketing, internal communications, and training videos, events, promos, commercials, product photography and creative stories for viral videos and also web branding.”  The clients include Adobe, Major League Soccer-CTP Boston and Centennial Farms. 

9.      Clear Vision Video  

This company works with businesses of all sizes.  In the area of corporate video production Boston Clear Vision Video specializes in “corporate marketing, training events and web videos.”   Some of their clients include Electric Insurance, Van Millwork, All Comm/DC Rentals, Cordoba Orthodontics and Youth Village for Nuance Speech Recognition. Other services they offer include but are not limited to web vides, broadcast commercials, tourism videos and branding/marketing.  For the rest check out their website at.