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Five Things to Consider When you Shopping for Capital Stoneworks Granite

7/23/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

If you want rich look to your house, having granite countertops is the most popular option. Most of the home owners prefer Capital Stoneworks Granite countertops for their kitchen’s stonework installation. To shop countertops, you need to be granite conscious. All granite countertops are not equal in size and there are many other factors that contribute to the magnificence of the material.

Machine Fabrication vs. Hand Fabrication

Stone can be designed by hand or a machine. A handcrafted stone has high quality and comes in more expensive price tag. Machine fabrication is the fastest option to choose, but it sometimes fails in cutting the edges of the stone. Some companies use waxing method to smooth the rough edges of the stones, but the wax is eventually wear off. The rules of the company may different from one to other.

A waxed edge will comes in affordable cost. And many companies use machine fabrication method for designing. After that they employee a well trained professional to smoothening the edges and hand polish it. It is comes under the high quality product. You should need to know how the material is processed.

Installation process Some of the granite suppliers do not fabricate their own stones and give the finished products. They are getting the stones from other suppliers, contractors or wholesale buyers. If you are looking for a company to buy granite countertop Ottawa, you should ask before shop.

Seams Seams refer as lines which separates the stones. The granite countertop in Ottawa is fabricated individually. The edges look better when they are assembled well. But it is very hard for hands craftsman and is more expensive in cost. It is important to ask your installer that if the crafts person uses suction automated machine to install seams.

Thickness of the stone

The countertops are three centimeters in thick. For a kitchen installation, you should select three centimeter granite. Five centimeters pieces are also available but they are quiet expensive than three centimeter pieces.

Color is the one of the factor to consider while shopping the granite countertops. Darker colored stone is easy to find in thicker slabs. The color of the stone gives attractive look to the house. So, one must look into the color as well when they are looking to buy granite countertop Ottawa.

Overhang Overhang is the amount of material used in edge of the counter’s base. Overhang is used in kitchen islands, because it gives more space. If you pick a thinner slab of stone, you need overhang for preventing from breaking.

Granite countertops are mostly used in kitchen and bathrooms. These are comes in different colors, styles and sizes. There are many reasons to choose this stones. They are very hard and resistant to water, air. They have low rate of tear and stays in long lasting. It is available in all over the world and is most popular in these days.

Because of its durability and affordable cost is the key feature that all the people are willing to buy these granite countertops. These are the five points to consider when you are going to buy granite countertop in Ottawa for your home. Make sure that these countertops meet all your requirements or not.