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Fresh and Juicy Meat

7/30/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

The hunt for healthy and wholesome meat is over. We are the proud purveyors of an abundant variety of fresh meat and you will never be disappointed with the kind of meat we will bring to your plate.


Along with meat, we offer seafood that is sourced from the east and the west coast and are carefully cleaned and kept firm for our treasured customers. After much inspection and improvements, we select only the best for you. The crabs, salmon fish and lady fish are some of the few variations of the well-cut and brawny seafood we have. Whether you are looking for taste or for nutrition, we make sure that the excellence of the product reaches you in its original nature.

Cold cuts

The cold cuts are remarkably juicy and flavourful with nutritional benefits you can always count on. The right shape and size make them a firm favourite for breakfast and snacks alike. These German deli meats will fill both your heart and stomach to their content.

Birds and the beasts

Whether it’s chicken or lamb, you will find the juiciest and plumpest meat at Licious. They are succulent till the last bite and taste just the way they should. Our pioneering work to maintain the taste and the freshness of the meat has led us to better our reserve. We do not freeze the meat as it wanes out the true flavour of the poultry instead, we deliver our customers with new and fresh products each time. You will not find meat that is more tender and easy to cook.


The wonderful craftsmanship of our five-star chefs brings to you the ‘Kabalicious’. Here you will find beautiful and delectable meat recipes directly from our kitchen. Being perfectionists, our chefs choose only the finest to create the mouth-watering food that will leave you lusting for more.The spicy and marinated recipes like Chandramurghi, Lamb Chittinad, ThalaivarTalvars and Prawnayappa are much popular, and these reasonably priced delicious dishes are a must-try.


The exotic range we specialise in is hand- selected and uncompromising. Honey Rose Duck, Japanese Quail and Rabbit Curry Cut can be found alongside some classics like Sunday roast chicken and Lamb Raan. These exotic animals can be pre-ordered for a fresh delivery the next day.

We at Licious, deliver each food product with a dedication to health and flavours.  This is aneasy way of getting your hands on the best meat available in the market, make the most out of the diversity we offer.