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Say Goodbye to Dark Circles and Eye Bags

7/08/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

People feel under confident when they have to carry eye bags to work or any place to socialize. Women can hide these eye bags with shades of makeup. But for men such options are not available. For people who have perpetual eye bags, trying to hide them on a regular basis can be quite tiresome. Puffy eyes can be treated quite easily, but the conditions causing these swell may require extensive attention.

Why do the eyes swell?
The bags under eyes are known as edemas. Is medical terms, any type of swelling is known as edemas. Swelling is the most common response of the body towards inflammation of any body part. It should however be noted that swelling and inflammation are different stuff. However, swelling always happens with inflammation. So these terms are often interchangeable. Swelling means increase in size whereas inflammation refers to increased blood flow to an area.

What is happening in those bags?
Edema happens when small blood vessels ooze fluids in the surrounding tissue. The skin under the eyes are thin and hence the swelling is prominent than other parts of the body. This is not necessarily an injury as very common issues like the cold, getting hangover, deprivation of sleep can be the cause.

Even allergies and crying can be the cause of swelling under the eyes.
  • Allergies- People who face eye allergies tend to release a protein known as the histamine. This histamine is released when the eye comes in contact with the allergen. This histamine causes the swell.
  • Excessive sleep-Blinking is one of the most unnoticed activities of our body. Apart from keeping the eye balls moist, blinking also prevents edema from growing. People, who are prone to have a puffy eye, build up more histamine and hence get bags under eyes when they wake up. These bags dissipate after staying in a few hours of wakefulness.
  • Lack of sleep-When people are not able to sleep properly or for an adequate period of time, the body produces the stress hormone known as cortisol. This hormone breaks down collagen which is responsible for keeping the skin smooth and supple.
  • Dehydration- When the body is not having an adequate supply of water, the veins that are responsible for transport of blood around the eyes get blocked. Hence the blood builds up owing to puffiness.
Natural remedies to treat puffy eyes
  • Cold Compress-Making the swelling to come in contact with cold surface likes ice help in shrinking the size of the capillaries. When the blood vessels get shorter, the puffiness also decreases in size.
  • Green or Black tea bags- These teas have anti-oxidants present in them which help to reduce the bags under eyes
  • Sleep for a decent time-People are always on the run to keep up with the work. Stress and workload do not permit a man to sleep for a decent period of time. Melatonin is the natural chemical which the body produces to aid sleep. Melatonin can be acquired at any local drug store.