Vancouver Wedding Photography - Taking Photos of Engagements

7/27/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

If you have recently been appointed as the person who is going to do Vancouver wedding photography then you are probably required to take engagement photos first. The groom may have contacted you ahead of time so that you can be there on the actual day of the engagement.

Aside from the actual day of the engagement wherein a Sim Wedding Videographer may also be hired to take a great video of the actual engagement, you will also be required to take pre - wedding photos or pre - nuptial photos. You need to get pictures that will show the spark of the couple with each other.

You may have your own way of taking photographs or you may prefer a certain photography style over the rest. For instance, do you like taking random photos wherein you will allow the couple to do their own thing and you can catch their unguarded yet sweet moments? Perhaps you want the engagement shoot to have an overall theme so you will require them to pose in a certain way. Most couples will contact you because they know your photography style so talk with the couple beforehand about their expectations and what you want to do.

Your main goal as a wedding photographer in Vancouver is to take photographs of moment wherein the couple will show that they are love struck and are into each other. If you are taking photos of a couple who are truly in love, you do not have to worry anymore.

Here are other tips that you have to remember:
  1. Engagement photos may require a bit of PDA.
    You may think that engagement photos will be the same with taking family or friendly photos but this is not true at all. The main theme of engagement photos is always love so you need to make this evident through the photographs that you are going to take. Encourage the couple to be sweet with each other because this will make taking photos easier.
  2. Choose the right location for the photographs.
    You may want to give suggestions regarding the right locations that you are going to use in order to take the photographs but the decision will depend on the couple. You need to know wonderful locations that will make your photographs and the love between the couple come alive. It is true that aesthetically pleasing locations will look amazing in photographs as compared to normal looking ones.
  3. You always have to learn.
    One of the mistakes that some photographers make is they assume that they have already made it because they are highly sought after but photographers can always learn more. Wedding photographers Vancouver can always make the decision to learn from every mistake that they have made so that they will never make it again. You can actually check out previous engagement photos made by other photographers to get ideas for the engagement shoot that you are going to make.
Aside from the tips that are mentioned above, there are still a lot more that you will learn as you make you become booked and hired to take more engagement and wedding pictures. Take note of these tips to always help you improve.