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An Effective Ancient Fat Defender

8/26/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Having similarity to common grapes,Cissusquadrangularis a perennialplant is known by a number of names such as the Veldt Grape and the Devil’s Backbone. Though nothing much is known about the discovery of this herb as a weight-loss compound it has gained adequate popularity over the years in Asia and African continents as is presently exported to the US for its outstanding health benefits. This medicinal plant has been in use in Ayurvedic treatments for ages and presently further research work is being conducted to explore its yet uncovered benefits.

When combined with a healthy diet and proper exercise routine this plant is known to effectively aid in weight loss. Several research studies have also indicated the positive effects of this compound in prevention of unwanted body fat, by suppressing the appetite and burning excess fat. There is also positive indication of this supplement to help in improvement of lean muscle mass in the body. This supplement has turned out to be a boon for the human race due to its statistically significant weight loss results and also its herbal benefits.

Healing broken bones

For those involved in regular and intense daily workouts realize that there are high chances of minor injuries in the body due to overwork. Those who have incurred an injury for the first time can take the help of the Cissus to expect outstanding healing effects. Experts are quite aware of the magical benefits of this perennial herb both in healing broken bones and tendons. Bodybuilders and professional athletes frequently take the help of this supplement for quick recovery after an intensive workout.

The powerful medicinal effect of this supplement prevents degradation of bone health and stimulates proper bone growth through the production of osteoblasts, the cells responsible for the growth of bones. It delivers essential nutrients to the injured portions of tissues and bones and not only soothes the pain but also works towards repairing it. This supplement creates minimum tissue reaction on the injured part of the broken bone resulting in optimum decalcification with minimum callus formation. This indicates sufficient deposit of calcium to help in joining the two broken segments and aid in faster recovery. It creates a combination of mucopolysaccharides, calcium, phosphorus and collagen building up chemical composition of the fractured bone.

Appropriate dosage levels

Cissusquadrangularis is known to be a natural herb safe for consumption by people of any age. It also has no negative track record of causing any physical impact on the consumer. But like all other muscle enhancing and fat burning supplement this one should also not be overdosed. The recommended dosage level may vary depending upon the purpose of use and certain other factors as well.

It can be used either for muscle building, bone or muscle or tendon repairmen, enhance overall fitness although it is well known for its statistically significant weight loss results. The recommended dosage level varies from 800mg to 1000mg per serving taken 2-3 times daily. The dosage level may be titrated according to the sensitivity and the effect of this supplement upon consumption.