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Overview of Psychometric Testing and Personality Tests

8/29/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Psychometric  tests are a structured way of assessing the measurement of various aspects related to behavioral styles and the mental abilities of an individual. The word psychometric stems, from the two Greek words-mental (psyche) and measurement (metron). They offer a means of improving your performance, as you become clear about the expectations from you. The nature of these tests is standardized, objective and impersonal too.

What is Personality?

In terms of psychology, personality is defined as the aspects of a person, fixed or enduring in nature. These aspects form a unique combination and allows the employer to compare between different individuals. It is the way we interact with our surrounding environment in the world. The onus lies on the occupational psychologists, to prepare these psychometric tests in a fair manner, so that they are equal for all the candidates.

There are practice psychometric tests that are available, for the employers. The employers often make use of these tests, for the employers as they offer a fair way of assessing and comparing various candidates, just on their strengths. There are different types of psychometric test that are available, for the employers. One category of the psychometric tests is conducted based on the ability of the individual in understanding the meaning of words, following directions as well as their capability to see reasons in figures. Another category of the psychometric tests is based on evaluation of motivational factors, values of individuals, work preferences and inclinations based on personality.

The psychometric tests are used in different ways, in the selection and the development. However, psychometric tests when used inappropriately may give rise to some of the following issues:
  • Inaccurate interpretations
  • Incorrect usage
  • Discriminatory usage
  • Too much reliance
1.Inaccurate interpretations: If the psychometric tests are not carried out by experts, then there can be damaging effects, due to the risks involved with improper interpretations.

2.Incorrect usage: If a psychometric test is just used, for a selection test then it can be of a limited use, because competencies and abilities must also be under consideration.

3.Discriminatory Usage: The psychometric tests may prove to be discriminatory. For example,  it might be unfair to treat the candidates on such parameters like low sight, language skills which are irrelevant, for that particular role.

4.Too much reliance: There must not be is too much of a reliance on psychometric tests and they need to be used in combination, with other techniques such as interviews during the selection.

Psychometric tests play an important role, while recruiting the candidates. The cognitive abilities often play an important role in managerial positions. The psychometric tests also play an equally important part in personal development.

The psychometric tests are  very useful when you need to make a choice of the type of organization and the profession, that is best suited for you. The psychometric tests equally contribute to the team building exercise, within an organization. They will bring out the differences and the similarities, that exist within the team members, so that the corresponding negative and positive impacts are measured, for the working relations.