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Why should you go antique panels for flooring

8/30/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

Antique panels are a rare thing to find the furniture pre-16th century other than in a museum. In 17th century furniture was fairly simple made of oak with peg joins. If the carving is too accruable and regular is possible that the whole piece is a fake or at least that the decoration has been improved. After that you now know as the chest of drawers gradually evolved. At  that time chairs and settles too, started to change from basic, fairly square and plain designs. It is easily be argued that wood antiques are by far more popular and so expensive one. There are many talented guys of wooden antiques and the exorbitant rates do little to deter them from possessing one.

Add charm with wood antiques

It gives a very attractive vintage look to your entire surrounding and also a creative method to make your house look unique. It can be made of several types of wood with a lot of  detail carvings, patterns, inlays and intricate designs which may also he hand painted. Most of them were simple with a table top and legs for support while some have an apron, extra shelves, a drawer or side cabinets and single base instead of the four legs. And then create a totally different ambiance to  the antique woods. The important things are care and maintenance of your wood antique to retain their beauty. Do not expose your furniture to direct sunlight as it can affect the finish of the panels and its colour.
Caring  a wood antique for flooring

 Some of the furniture, wood antiques are large, heavy and maintenance is equally difficult. And then you have to ensure that the furniture is not stored in the same places as it tends to warp the wood, and neither should be stored in extremely dry condition as this tightens the wood. By moving to Antique panels for flooring your furniture, make sure to cover them and ensure proper padding. To keep your  antiques in a good condition and avoid silicone based products as it tends to collect dust and dirt which may make your furniture dull. If you have intentions of storing it in the garage or the basement ensure that they are water proof.

Demand of antique wood flooring

 By using of a beeswax polish once or twice a year helps to keep your wood antiques in best condition, beyond that panel was more expensive and there is a great demand for it as they are unusually executed and add value to the building and the real antique wood floors have nails, holes and cracks but they can be replaced and polished while retaining the original colour and beauty. You can antique panels for flooring from old factories, old building that is being demolished, cotton mills and warehouses and have them custom made into various sized panels for your doors, mantels, floor, and stairs. And the many of the wood manufactures were available in the online. We can accomplish the new panels in the various types of old building and factories.