14 Items Every Delhi Bride Should Have in Her Purse

10/26/2016 John Evans 0 Comments

Every girl spends days, even months, planning her wedding look. Every little thing, starting from the lingerie to the makeup to the jewelry, needs to be perfect. If you are going to get married soon, chances are that you have already had your outfit and makeup trials a couple of times and are very confident that, your makeup artist will transform you into a complete diva on your D-Day. However, you still need to have some emergency beauty and outfit fixes in your wedding purse to tackle that untimed tears, shoe bites or ripped hemline. You never know when you get caught by the lenses of your wedding photographers and pile up on photos, which you, most probably, wouldn’t like to see at all. 
 Here is a list of such 14 items which can save your day (and your wedding photographs too). Have a look:
1. Pocket mirror: Or even better, a compact with a mirror to keep your face shine free during warm Delhi nights. This is especially important for oily skinned brides since no matter how much you prep your skin, the heavy wedding makeup is bound to melt a bit under strong halogen lights and during ‘havan.’ Dry skinned girls, however, shouldn’t overdo it and stick to using the mirror for touch-ups and beauty fixes.
2. Blotting paper or tissues: Keep that oil at bay with some blotting paper and refresh the overall look.
3. Q-tips: Smudged kajal? Bleeding lipstick? Running liner? Worry not. A Q-tip is all that you need to fix such issues and bring back your face to perfection.
4. Rose water spray: This is an excellent fix to freshen up your looks and make your makeup last longer.
5. Lipsticks and lip balms: You will be laughing and talking all night. Hence, your lips are bound to lose color and moisture. Apply some lip balm, matching your lipstick every now and then to keep your lips supple. Retouch with your lipstick every two hours.
6. Dental floss: You surely wouldn’t want to laugh with a little piece of food sticking in your teeth; would you? So, have a pack of floss to fix it in seconds.
7. Safety pins: Safety pins are life-savers. Use them to fix a ripped hemline on your gorgeous lehenga, which got trapped between the mandap floor and your stilettos. Or, keep your saree pleats in place using them. Basically, you can counter a lot of wardrobe malfunction with these.  
8. Bobby pins: Is that stunning ‘juda’ feeling too loose and you are scared that it will fall off? Well, secure them with a few bobby pins and you are ready for a dance!
9. Band-Aid: Got new shoes? Get Band-Aid. This is a no brainer. After all who wants to limp on her wedding day?
10. Energy bars: Yes, you are a human being and the excitement of wedding cannot conquer your hunger. Keep a few energy bars or dry fruits handy to munch on. You will feel less fatigued at the end of all those ceremonies.
11. Essential medicines: Keep a small medicine box with painkillers, antacids, and balms. You cannot enjoy anything if you have any nagging pain.
12. Water: Do we need to remind you on this? Keep sipping throughout to keep yourself hydrated. You will feel energized.
13. Mouth freshener:  Self explanatory.
14. Perfume: Because, who doesn’t want to smell good?
So, these are the few necessities which must accompany you on your wedding. However, you can alter the items as per your own requirement. Just plan it way ahead of your big day, so that you don’t miss out on anything and be prepared with confidence to pose for the candid photographers in Delhi.