Most Effective Tactics to Get Compensation for New Injuries

10/17/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

If you have been injured in an accident and you are thinking about making a claim, before you consider the best tactics to being awarded compensation, it is important to establish your eligibility for compensation in the first place.

To be eligible for compensation, you must meet two basic criteria:

The first of those criteria is that the accident in which you sustained your injuries happened no more than three years ago. That is because after three years, personal injury claims become time-barred or statute barred in the United Kingdom.

The second of those criteria is that you cannot be 100 per cent responsible the accident which caused your injuries. So, must have diminished liability. And the lower the liability is, the more financial compensation you can realistically expect.

Providing you meet these basic criteria, we recommend you do the following:
  1. Seek legal advice- Before you decide whether or not to claim, it is important to seek legal advice to ascertain the strength of your case, because even though you may meet the basic eligibility criteria for compensation this does not necessarily mean that you have a strong case. New injury claim solicitors can help you to establish how strong your claim really is.
  2. Choose an experienced lawyer-If after receiving legal advice you would like to make a claim, the next thing you should do is find an experienced lawyer to represent you. An experienced lawyer will refer to the past cases they have worked to come up with a winning formula for your case. They will also build you a case that maximises the compensation that you can claim for your accident.
  3. Present your evidence-If you were able to capture any evidence of the events leading up to, during or after the accident which caused your injuries, present this to your solicitor. Evidence can include dash-cam footage, mobile phone videos and photographs, witness statements or recordings of audio. Pass this evidence onto your solicitor for review. If your lawyer believes that the evidence you have provided is substantial enough to back up your claim, then they will include it in your case file which will be presented to the other side.
  4. Be honest throughout the claims process-Last but not least, a point about honesty. You should be upfront and honest about the circumstances surrounding your accident throughout the claims process, so that your lawyer can build you a case based on truth.