6 Basic Steps to Write an Awesome Compare and Contrast Article

11/17/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

Article writing is one of the best jobs of this world as you need to express yourself and maintain the flow while writing a good article. But, things may sound different if you are writing compare and contrast article. To have a complete idea on how to write a compare and contrast article you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

Carefully Understand the Context

You need to do a good research on the topic given to you. Make sure that you do some pre-writing work and make effectual notes before you start writing any such type of article on the given topic. It will help you out in preparing yourself to write strong points and bring out an effective comparison.

List Key Similarities and Differences in your Text

Once you have read the things carefully you must make a list to write down how the contexts are similar and different. Also prepare some ideas how you will be starting and ending the article using some of the best points in your article.

Isolate the Important Points and Turn These Points to Arguments

Once you are completely satisfied with your list of points, you can pick some of the most important points that you feel can be the center of discussion. You should write a complete paper about the similarity and difference about the contexts to explore the theme deeply.

Write an Outline of your Article

Making an outline will ensure that the flow of your essay stays good. The most basic form of the essay will have 6 paragraphs while you can increase the number of paragraphs as per your convenience. Make sure that you should mention at least two paragraphs for comparison and contrast for the given topic.

Fill the Text in your Article

Once you have decided what has to be written inside the outline of the article it is the time to enter the textual details inside the outline describing the points and arguments strongly. Also, do not decide the conclusion by yourself. You should always let the audience to decide what is right and what is wrong in this type of article.


Once you are done with writing the essay, you must give it a thorough reading and find the errors that might be committed by you while writing. Look for the mistakes and fix them so that when you deliver your article, it should be perfectly fine and applaud-able by the audience.