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Know Your Type of Protein Bars

11/21/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Chocolaty or non-chocolaty protein bars are an absolute favorite. No matter what the flavor be, you would find children, athletes, busy professionals workers and every other person having one at least in their pockets. But are you having the one that suits your need? Since the need of every individual differs, not the same bar works for everyone. So how do you know, which one to pick?

Happiness of taste buds matters:

There is no doubt that mostly people live to eat. Different flavors in these bars, enables everybody to eat the one they like. Varieties are innumerable, with many food manufacturers producing various flavored protein bars.

Peter Gaum , a nutritious bar manufacturer itself offers five different flavors. These are Dark Chocolate Almond, Mango Lemon, Coconut Almond, Peanut Chocolate Cherry and Cranberry White Chocolate.

Extra calories are killers of good health:

A bar could contain calories as present in a fast food snack. Keeping the taste aside, you would not want to waste the hours spent in gym just to gain back double calories by having one such bar. These are just another type of candies rather than being a nutritious bar.

Look for ingredients:

Something many people fail to pay attention to is, checking ingredients. The last thing you want these bars to provide is excess of carbohydrates. It may contain added sugar or sweeteners, hydrogenated oil and more.

It does nothing increase the carbohydrate content of the body.

However, some amount of carbs is necessary for the body. The difference lies in the amount the body needs. Its demand in an athlete’s body is different to the quantity a child’s body requires. It is important to maintain the balance. For an adult, 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat is the ideal balance a bar can provide at times.

Make sure it is not allergic for you:

People suffering from celiac disease make sure to avoid protein bars, which contain gluten and wheat in them. Bars from Peter Gaum Santa Barbara are completely gluten-free.

Gluten Free Certification Organization has certified them and hence manufacturing of all products takes place in the GFCO certified facility.

Diabetics have to be extra careful. Do not submit to your cravings and blindly eat the bar that might cause trouble to you. There are special bars, which also help in lowering blood sugar levels, helps regulate and decrease body weight, which would eventually save you from a heart attack.

You would not want to end in emergency room for having a bar unsuitable for you.

Many doctors mention the nutrition bar in their prescription, and advise you which one would suit your body need. Its health benefits have made doctors suggest it to their patients.

Let it positively benefit you, for which you ought to choose the accurate one. Pay special attention while buying one for your children.

With these tips, the selection process surely becomes easy and effective. Let the protein bar be a treat and not a trick for you.