Tricks to Look Better in Clothes

11/07/2016 John Evans 0 Comments

We all want to look good in our clothes, regardless of how large or small we are, but sometimes knowing what to wear to accentuate our best features is difficult. However, most of the time, utilizing a few strategic tips can work wonders when it comes to finding clothes that help you step out looking your best.

Take Inventory
What is the current state of your figure? Are you tall and slim, petite and recently lost a lot of weight, or pregnant and expecting your first child. Regardless of what you look like, everyone has to start their fashion journey by taking inventory of what their current figure looks like. You need to know what your figure needs in order to put your best foot forward. For example, a woman who is pregnant will need to find clothing that accommodates the fact that she's pregnant. Typically, that would mean a top or dress with ample space for her stomach and comfortable non-binding pants that provided that same comfort as well.

A Few Simple Tips
A good fit is not difficult if you understand a few things about how clothes should feel and look on your body. These tips work regardless of how large or small a person is. Button downs should come just a little past your wrist and the shoulder seams should sit right at the end of your shoulder. The buttons shouldn't gap at all, they should lay flat. Jeans should fit snug but not too snugly. Jeans loose their elasticity with the passage of time, so make sure that they fit well. Dress slacks should be slightly loose. You should be able to fit two fingers inside the waistband comfortably. Any blazer or jacket should fit loose enough to hug people comfortably without a tight tugging feeling.

Areas of Special Attention
There are often areas of our bodies that we need to pay special attention to for many different reasons. A company that performs
ultrasound inspection on various machines may require that you wear long sleeves and pants for precautionary reasons. A woman that has recently had a child is going to have a post-pregnancy bulge and will need to find clothing that diminishes the look of her post-baby bump. It would be in her best interest to select blouses that fell loosely around her waistline without being form fitting. A woman with a large bosom can use the same strategy to downplay the size of her chest. 

Selecting clothing that looks and feels good is not difficult if you follow a few common sense fashion tips. Avoid clothing that fits too tight or too loose. Draw attention away from figure flaws by selecting clothing that doesn't highlight any less than perfect area by fitting too tightly or bulging and gapping. Your eyes are often your best helper when it comes to picking clothes that accentuate your best and play down your worst.